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Why you should visit the Croix Duplex winery near Lausanne

Domaine Croix Duplex Winery in Grandvaux, Switzerland

Lausanne's lakeside location is blessed with light reflecting off the hillsides.

No wonder the locals love to spend as much time outside as possible. Whether it is on their balconies, which everyone seems to have, or on one of the many restaurant terraces.

After spending time in Lausanne, we are looking forward to clearing our heads and getting some fresh air, too. So we hop on the local train and head straight to Domaine Croix Duplex. This winery is in the heart of Lavaux, the wine region under protection of UNESCO World Heritage.

About the Domaine Croix Duplex

From Lausanne, the town of Grandvaux is a mere 12-minute ride on the local train. And even better, the Domaine Croix Duplex winery is located just footsteps from the Grandvaux train station. There is hardly a more efficient escape to nature than this.

Grandvaux Train Station

With a glass of wine in hand, we take a good moment to enjoy the breathtaking views over Lake Geneva and the Lavaux terraces.

Domaine Croix Duplex Winery in Grandvaux, Switzerland

Next, we sit down with Maude Vogel, one half of the third generation brother-sister duo who run the winery. We discuss their vintages, the region and their business. Maude is the consummate hostess. As part of a tasting tour, she explains what makes the Lavaux region so special.

Because of the terraced hillsides and the undulating terrain, the soil type and the amount of sunlight that reaches the vines is different every few meters. This means that each little terroir produces wines that taste completely different from ones grown only a few meters away.

Domaine Croix Duplex Winery in Grandvaux, Switzerland

The primary grape of the region is the Chasselas, which produces a somewhat dry but fairly fruity, floral white wine. The nature of these wines allows you to really taste the different characteristics of the vineyard and the skill of the winemaker.

Domaine Croix Duplex Winery in Grandvaux, Switzerland
Domaine Croix Duplex Winery in Grandvaux, Switzerland

More information

If you are in the Lausanne area with time on your hands, do not hesitate to visit the Croix Duplex winery. With its unparalleled views from the terrace, this is my first choice for having a glass of wine while learning about this unique wine region.

Opening hours: Mon to Fri, 10 AM to 6 PM, Sat 10 AM to 3 PM.

Domaine Croix Duplex
Route de Chenaux 2
1091 Bourg-en-Lavaux
Phone: +41 21 799 15 31

Domaine Croix Duplex Winery in Grandvaux, Switzerland
Domaine Croix Duplex Winery in Grandvaux, Switzerland

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