Finding MyTable at Ristorante Stapferstube in Zürich

When you get full of all the sunshine in Switzerland, it seems as if your senses vibrate at a higher pitch to catch every little sparkle in the air. Especially, when you feel the first brush of spring!

The crisp blue sky is deeper, the majestic white Alps appear closer, shining mirror lakes get warmer, and my feet get lighter... Spring makes me want to skip along the winding cobblestone paths in the Old Town of Zürich!

Although this winter was relatively warm (I wasn’t freezing at Fasnacht!) and short (my tulip bulbs are still sleeping), I cannot resist celebrating the fresh air, blowing the gray clouds away! It's the beginning of a new season! Let's discover new corners!

MyTable - Polybahn

So, I grabbed my husband and my camera, jumped on the train to Stadelhofen, and snapped some pictures of pastel Easter window decorations in the Old Town.

For a bit change of scenery, we hopped on the Polybahn, a charming, nostalgic red incline, up to the University of Zürich.

Voila! A fantastic view of silver Zürichsee and green Limmat floating between Grossmünster and Fraumünster, then brown roof tops.

Watching young and hopeful students chatting energetically made us hungry for lunch. Being in a new area is exciting, but sometimes very challenging to fill my demanding appetite. And, this time, I wanted something new, not from student cafeterias.


Instead of wandering along the University Hospital buildings, we searched on the MyTable app for a nearby Italian gourmet restaurant. Making a reservation on the spot, we navigated ourselves in a quiet neighborhood to the heavy old wooden door of Ristorante Stapferstube da Rizzo.

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Above the aged door, a rusty iron owl was gazing at a dark navy Maserati parked elegantly but intimidatingly like a bodyguard checking our dress code. We looked at each other, but I was too starving to find another bistro for my husband (without tie).


“This should be adventurous, we’ll try a new thing today! It’s spring!”

Talking nonsense to calm my hunger, we pushed open the door and our hesitation drifted away by the garlic and rosemary flavor. Our reserved table was in a perfect corner to enjoy the mahogany-rich yet relaxed-Swiss-German atmosphere.

Regulars wearing cashmere scarves greeted the restaurant owner with kisses, handing the keys to their fancy cars. A group of old boys burst out singing “Happy Birthday” in the cigar lounge.

Then, a handsome waiter with his black sweptback hair placed a perfectly cured prosciutto leg on the red vintage slicer.


With a glass of Italian Prosecco, I indulged myself with colorful sea fruits of shrimps, calamari, and moules swimming in cherry tomato sauce over handmade fresh linguini.

While a group of gentlemen sitting next to us enjoyed delicate slices of ten different types of cheese, I was completely melted with the dark chocolate mousse for dessert.


Indeed, I found an exclusive MyTable at Ristorante Stapferstube da Rizzo in Zürich. For next time, I want to use the MyTable iPhone app to find a casual table outside of Zürich, say, Basel?


Mamiko truly loves to discover Switzerland through the Newly Swissed "frame" with her Japanese eyes for details and a spark of American curiosity. She wants to connect Newly Swissed with businesses and organizations in Switzerland and expand the network.
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  1. Claudia
    Claudia says:

    On the MyTable website an the apps you have a full list of restaurants all over Switzerland and Europa. Search and reservation online, that’s so convenient!


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