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19 definite signs of growing up in Switzerland

From kindergarten to high school, there are some defining moments while growing up in Switzerland.

I've felt nostalgic lately when my parents handed me a stack of my childhood drawings. And I thought back to my days in school, remembering all the things we used to like, hate or simply accept. (I’m looking at you, school tooth fairy!) And in case you have missed it, I have previously covered nostalgic signs of growing up Swiss.

Yet, no list is ever complete, so here are even more signs of growing up in Switzerland.

In kindergarten, you felt much pride wearing the reflective strip around your neck.

Your kindergarten teacher would carve your fruits and vegetables. My favorite was the carrot crocodile!

Every new school year, you(r mom) had to wrap all the books in paper.

That disappointment when a friend returned your friendship book without attaching a portrait photo.

School field trips were all about hiking! Sometimes, we would hike around a local lake or to the top of a local hill.

On Swiss National Day, you had your own Lampion lantern.

Photograph courtesy Christian Langenegger

During vacation, you’d sign up to tour the Migros bakery or weave your own basket. Whatever activity you ended up with - you didn’t mind: as long as your friends were there.

You dreaded the Medizinball in gym class. It weighed a ton!

You’d sing “Was isch das für es Liechtli?” when Santa came to town.

And while your parents were Christmas shopping in Zürich, you’d ride the Märlitram storytelling tram.

Your TV program was limited to Pingu. (The show was originally produced for Swiss television from a studio in Russikon.)

Your first subscription was the kids magazine “spiel mit”.

And once in school, you received a subscription to SPICK.

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  • LOL depends when and where you grew up in Switzerland. In the 50s, in Neuchâtel, only one of those applied- the ‘lampions’ for 1st of August :)

Dimitri Burkhard

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