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10 surprising things about healthcare in Switzerland

Healthcare in Switzerland

The country that brought us the Red Cross is often regarded as leading when it comes to healthcare.

In fact, Switzerland's excellent healthcare standards have been rated as third in the world in the 2017 Healthcare Access and Quality Index. In real life, this boils down to a public that is satisfied with the ease of access to medical services.

The level of treatment, the surprisingly short waiting times and even the food at Switzerland's hospitals are top. And the world-class healthcare system is one of the positives that attract expats from all over the world to move to Switzerland.

Patients can choose where they would like to be treated and city doctors routinely speak English - another bonus for expats. Considering all this, it would be a lie to say that I did not notice a positive difference the doctor's office in Switzerland.

Here are some more surprising things about healthcare in Switzerland:

You can get an appointment with a specialist without a referral. (And the appointment will likely take place within two weeks or less.)

In a very Swiss manner, appointments start on time and finish on time.

Preexisting conditions are simply referred to as "past medical history."

Swiss doctors are conservative and will make a thorough diagnosis. No unnecessary procedures or labs will be ordered.

Healthcare in Switzerland

You will never receive narcotics for pain. Instead, the underlying cause of the pain will be treated. And the most common treatment will be a thorough dose of physiotherapy from well trained specialists.

If the pain persists, you will be instructed to take appropriate doses of acetaminophen and Ibuprofen.

The quality of food at long-term care facilities is so good, many healthy people will walk in off the street to enjoy a meal.

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These facilities are often mixed with child daycare centers, so the elderly can enjoy watching youth at play.

Health care providers are well trained. The Swiss school system starts them on a scientific/medical track from late Middle School onward.

And finally, you will not see any charges until after their primary and secondary insurance sort things out!

(This thanks goes out to our reader Ron who has put together the list.)

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