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Get set, go to Gurten above Bern!

Gurten, Bern, SwitzerlandBut for the occasional rains here and there, we in Bern are all set to welcome summer, finally! And we cordially invite you to share the warmth! Get set, go to Gurten!

Gurten is Bern's symbolic hill, which is easily accessible by tram and cograil, or better yet, by foot! If you are in a mood for sport, you can jog up the mountain trail, or take it easy and hop on to the Gurtenbahn to get to the top.

Gurten, Bern, Switzerland


The Gurtenbahn Cog Railway

The less than five minute ride to the top is a teaser for better views to come. As you ascend in the Bahn, you will soon realize what it means to experience serenity in middle of a city. With cows grazing and sheep giving sleepy stares at the visitors, it becomes clear why the beautiful cliché of cows and green grass has become synonymous with Switzerland. And once you reach the top, you will know why Gurten is a must visit for all the Bern Besucher.

Gurten, Bern, SwitzerlandFirstly, it is so close to the center of Bern, you will hardly need to plan well in advance (which I know the Swiss love to do)! Secondly, you get an awesome view of the beautiful Alps and the Jura mountains from any given corner of Gurten. And what better time to be there than in summer?! Pack in a few Sandwiches, a nice blanket to lie on, and take a good book along.

Gurten, Bern, SwitzerlandI promise you, you will have a beautiful summer day well-spent. A return trip by the Gurtenbahn costs just CHF 10.50. And a walk up there? Priceless!


Let the Music Take Control at the Gurtenfestival

And that is not all. Come July, Gurten opens doors to one of Bern's biggest music festivals – the Gurtenfestival. Set to take place from July 17 to 20, you will get to experience enthralling music from bands like The Prodigy, Death by Chocolate, Massive Attack, Everlast and The Cat Empire, among many others.

Let your hair down, and let the music take control – July is the month of music! Sounds convincing enough? So set your calendar for a date with Gurten.

Welcome to Bern, and see you up there!

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Gurten, Bern, Switzerland


An Indian citizen married to a Swiss, Indira is a published journalist based in Bern. She is very enthusiastic about Switzerland's culture and traditions.


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