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10 gifts for clever girls in Switzerland

Frauenleben im Lauf der Zeit Book

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the clever girl in your life? Whether you're shopping for a daughter, niece, or friend, this list of inspiring and educational gifts will surely make her smile.

Based on recommendations and our own discoveries, we've compiled this gift guide for clever girls in Switzerland. From science kits that encourage exploration to books that spark creativity, there's something for every clever girl in Switzerland.

Frauenleben im Lauf der Zeit/Femmes au fil du temps


This beautifully illustrated book presents the history of mankind from the Stone Age to the 21st century but from the perspective of an average woman. Could a woman become a pharaoh? Why did Athenian women in ancient times spend all their days at home? Since when have women been allowed to drive cars in France?

Children learn what women's occupations were in the past, what they could decide for themselves, and whether they could get an education or have the career they wanted. A surprising and insightful read!

From 8 years. Available in German and French.

50 Amazing Swiss Women:
True Stories You Should Know About


This book offers plenty of inspiration: It celebrates Swiss women's diverse accomplishments, struggles, and strengths. One-page biographies give readers a glimpse into the lives of fifty historical and contemporary Swiss women who inspire and intrigue.

Each biography is paired with a unique color illustration by Swiss illustrator Mireille Lachausse. Spies, activists, entrepreneurs, entertainers, politicians, athletes, midwives, mothers... Swiss women are daring, ingenious, and brave. Though the country is small, its heroines are grand!

From 10 years. Available in English, German, and French.

50 Amazing Swiss Women Book - Bergli Books

Kaleio – Das Magazin für Mädchen (und den Rest der Welt)

Magazine Subscription

This new Swiss print magazine will spark the interest of girls from the age of 8 years. Every other month, it discusses many different topics in an age-appropriate and entertaining way: women's rights, climate change, privacy, social media, migration, science, psychology, etc.

KALEIO Magazine - Gifts for Girls in Switzerland

It portrays girls and women from all over Switzerland and allows an inside view of what it means to be a girl or woman in Switzerland. Introducing them to positive role models encourages their readers to develop a healthy sense of who they are and what they could become while steering clear of gender stereotypes and advertisements.

A subscription to Kaleio is an inspiring gift offering lifetime empowerment. Recommended for anyone above 8 years of age, Kaleio is available in German and French.

KILUDO – Das Kreativmagazin für Kinder

Magazine Subscription

With this crafting kit by the Swiss creative magazine KILUDO, your girl gets step-by-step instructions on assembling her very own painting robot. The robot is fun to make and fun to use. All you need is an AA battery. Like all of KILUDO's crafting boxes, it is designed to spark your kid's creativity and curiosity.

The name KILUDO stems from "kids" and "ludo" which is Latin for "I play." Their credo is to provide kids (and parents) with enriching crafting experiences. Make sure to subscribe to their digital creative magazine with additional ideas for experimenting and crafting.

From 6 years. Available in German. If you're looking for an alternative in English, check out Kiwi Crate, the crafting boxes of KiwiCo.

Die Stimme der Frauen/Citoyennes!


Swiss women were among the last ones to receive the right to voice their political opinions. But what does it mean to "have a voice"? Why did women have to fight to get the right to vote? How did they win this right? And how are they, in some countries, still fighting for it?

Die Stimme der Frauen Book by Caroline Stevan

In this book, Swiss author Caroline Stevan traces the history of this struggle for gender equality. From the pioneers of the 18th century to the activists of today, from China to the United States to Switzerland, you will learn what challenges these brave and inspiring women had to face, which was the first country to grant them the right to vote and what is the place of women in politics today.

From 9 years. Available in German and French.

Die Stimme der Frauen Book by Caroline Stevan

Pepper Mint by Kosmos

Science Books and Kits

Pepper Mint is a new series of books and science kits by Kosmos. The series is specifically designed for girls and revolves around MINT topics: mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology.

Pepper Mint, the protagonist, is faced with various challenges and has to solve tricky riddles – with courage, brains, and the help of the reader. Together, they will learn about solar energy, and magnetism, or experiment with gears. In some kits, the young reader can even make Pepper Mint float above the ground or have her whiz across the room in a propeller-driven vehicle!

From 8 years. Available in German. One science kit is also available in English.

Bandida by HELVETIQ


Gangster or cop: which side will you choose? Will you play cops to prevent Bandida from escaping, or will you join the dark side to plan her escape? With three different game modes, this card game can be played alone or with family and friends.

Gifts for Girls in Switzerland - Bandida Card Game

The rules are simple, and the game is quick to play, but it is not so easy to win: you'll have to cooperate to achieve your goal. As a bonus for those who are already familiar with the best-selling prequel Bandido: use both sets of cards and bring the two lovers together in this special Bonnie and Clyde mode.

From 6 years. Available in English, German and French.

Gifts for Girls in Switzerland - Bandida Card Game

Escape Puzzle KIDS by Ravensburger


Is your girl the queen of puzzles? In that case, you may need a puzzle with a twist. Ravensburger combines its jigsaw puzzles with the thrilling concept of escape games, thus creating a completely new variant: the escape puzzle. Like live gamers in their escape rooms, escape puzzlers dive into an exciting story that spirits them off to mysterious worlds.

Once all the pieces are in the right place, the player's imagination, intuition, and powers of deduction come into play. Bonus tip: there is an escape puzzle advent calendar. Solve the puzzle of the day to learn which is the next day's puzzle. Will you make it in time for Christmas?

From 9 years. Available in English, German, and French.

FREIBLATT Damen-bis-Herren-Jass by kokoh

Card Game

Jass is regarded as the national card game in Switzerland. There are various sets of rules, and each family creates new variations. Whichever variation your family prefers, we recommend playing it with this beautifully designed set of cards.

Created in 2021 to mark the 50-year anniversary of women's right to vote in Switzerland, these cards manifest the equality of men and women in the game. The cards depict women and men of all shapes and colors. The king is also a queen; the lady is also a sir. It's an empowering sight for girls and the entire family.

How you play is how you think – with this set of cards, gender equality is literally in your hands! FREIBLATT is recommended for people 6 years of age. The game is available in German, but the rules can easily be looked up in English or French.

Fresh Air Kids Switzerland

Companion Book

Fresh Air Kids Switzerland is the perfect present for curious and brave girls who want to discover Switzerland with their parents.

Thanks to this wittily designed hiking guide, you will not only learn and playfully, the necessary basic knowledge for family-friendly hiking but you will also benefit from a host of activities to make children and parents happy. With these 52 well-thought-out hikes, all you have to do is put on your hiking boots and get started!

Available in English, German, and French.

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