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Hidden in plain sight: the Gypsy Rose Speakeasy Bar in Zürich

Gypsy Rose Speakeasy in Zürich

We're going to let the cat out of the bag: Gypsy Rose is Zürich's very first speakeasy bar!

Those who have traveled to cities like Chicago, Kuala Lumpur or Shanghai have told me about these secret bars before. (I'm looking at you, Jérôme...) And it has intrigued me that a toy store or barber shop might act as a front to a small bars that few people even know about.

Speakeasy bars are a concept dating back to the 1920’s when the United States prohibited the production, import, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages. During prohibition, these illegal bars and nightclubs were run underground. Only by whispering a code word, patrons were allowed inside – hence the name.


The Gypsy Rose Speakeasy Bar in Zürich is a fascinating time tunnel.

Hidden in plain sight at the hyper modern Europaallee, this cocktail bar takes us back to the times of prohibition. Without giving it all away, Gypsy Rose is located in the storage area of the Miss Miu Korean Restaurant behind a fake freezer door...

Open a heavy curtain and you will find yourself in the small bar with its Chinese lanterns, velvety seats and a sofa stretched along the wall.

A small stage acts as a reminder that there are burlesque shows every last Friday of the month. Ordering a cocktail is your way of admission to the show. With limited space for no more than three dozen patrons, I gather that an advance reservation is mandatory for any Fridays and Saturdays, let alone for those last Fridays.

Gypsy Rose Speakeasy in Zürich

A look at the signature cocktails

The cocktail menu has the look and feel of a vintage book. When you flip it open, the menu is cleverly separated into different eras, from "Vintage" to "Obscure" and from "Classic" to "Contemporary" and "Post War".

Gypsy Rose Speakeasy in Zürich

We did have the chance to sample a couple of signature drinks during our hush-hush visit. It's all in the name when it comes to the Prohibition Bathtub. Sevilla gin, white port, yuzu sake, raspberry and lavender bitters make for a delicious mix served in a: bathtub.

Gypsy Rose Speakeasy Bar in Zürich - Prohibition Bathtub

Another favorite is Bettie Page, a spin on Japanese tea time. Served inside a delicate glass shaped like a bird, this blend of Rangpur gin, matcha, grapefruit juice, orange flowers and gum syrup is a "must try" drink.

Gypsy Rose Speakeasy Bar in Zürich - Bettie Page

Psst! You didn't hear about it from us...

We hope that this article reaches just the right audience who will enjoy what Gypsy Rose has to offer. Because we wouldn't want to spill the secret to the entire world now, would we?

Open Thu 5 PM to 1 AM, Fri/Sat 5 PM to 2 AM. Before midnight, approach the welcome desk at Miss Miu for admission. After the restaurant has closed for the night, request a secret access code online and enter through the parking garage.

Gypsy Rose Speakeasy in Zürich

Gypsy Rose at Miss Miu
Europaallee 48
8004 Zürich
+41 44 291 99 44

Gypsy Rose Speakeasy in Zürich(Thanks to Fredy Wiesner Gastronomie AG and the Gypsy Rose team for letting us try their newest signature cocktails.)

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