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How to blend in with the Swiss? Take our community’s advice.

How to blend in with the Swiss

When it comes to knowing the Swiss, Diccon Bewes is the man we trust. Here on Newly Swissed, we have given away two signed copies of this book How to be Swiss. We have also asked our readers what they think it takes to be Swiss, and the feedback was superb!

Here is a collection of all the tips that we found most valuable, summarized for bite-sized consumption.

Boarding trains in Switzerland is an art. As the train comes to a stop, push your way to the doors. Leave room for just one exiting passenger while at the same time using your body (and especially the elbows) to make your way to the very front of the crowd.

Then, push your way onto the train to find a group of four seats for yourself.

How to blend in with the Swiss

Make sure your garbage and recyclables are in perfect order. Learn how to tie your old paper in stacks. And remember: Your neighbors will know who’s responsible for any disorder at the bins.

How to blend in with the Swiss

When you go for a walk any day, but especially on Sundays, it is super important to greet everyone you pass or meet.

Start to like Swiss absinthe. Prepare it the correct way, and remember when it is time to buy your round.

Festin Neuchâtelois 2015 - Absinthe

Get decked out in Swiss flag gear at all Swiss events and holidays. We recommend the following items with Swiss flags and crosses:

  • Napkins
  • T-shirts
  • Votive candle holders
  • Shoes (Yes, K-Swiss do count!)
  • Plates
  • For the super keen: Fanny packs
  • The obvious: Strings of Swiss and cantonal flags

How to blend in with the Swiss

Yes, *any* kind of Swiss flag gear…

How to blend in with the Swiss

Always carry a bottle of Chasselas white wine with you and be ready to propose an impromptu apéro.

Join a Verein or start enjoying a typical Swiss leisure activity.

Swiss Hobby Clubs - Poodle Club (Copyright by Sprecher & Cortelli)(Photograph copyright Ursula Sprecher/Andi Cortellini)

Head to Austria for vacation and tell your friends how much more value you got there compared to Switzerland. Be ready to defend Swiss prices whenever someone complains about them.

Austrian Strudel

Dress for the weather. And for heaven’s sake, don’t wear tracksuits unless you’re going for a jog!

Read all of Diccon Bewes’ books. They serve as perfect instruction manuals.

Diccon Bewes - Swiss Watching Meet-up

And the number one way to blend in with the Swiss, according to our readers: Learn a national language!

Swiss Dialect from Valais

With these handy pieces of advice, you are sure to assimilate to Swiss culture like a charm.


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