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Why we will return to the annual theater festival at Hagenwil Castle

Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil

When I first heard about Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil, I was sure it is an event for the kids. How wrong I was.

One of the most interesting theatrical happenings in Eastern Switzerland, the Schlossfestspiele have nothing to do with playing games. The Hagenwil castle is a really special place, and bringing theater into these walls could not be a better idea.

The theater festival at Hagenwil Castle

How many of you still believe in fairy tales and magic? At my mature age, I do not (really), But the location, the drama play and the atmosphere brought back the best memories from the past, when imagination was still a reality. I experienced a flashback to my childhood when my dad used to read stories about princesses, knights and merchants.

Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil

The feeling at the castle where Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil took place was one of magic. Amazing stories led me into a different place where all the present worries were gone. I can only recommend a visit to this wonderful place and the annual drama festival.

The Play in 2016 was called "Der Revisor"

Each year in August, Hagenwil Castle changes into a big theatrical event. People from all over Switzerland come to enjoy a magnificent time, leave their everyday lives behind and have fun.

This year, I had the privilege to see Der Revisor. This satire comedy written by Nikolai Gogol (1809 – 1852) and directed by Florian Rexer, brings viewers back to the old good times of the Russian empire. The combination of fun, hidden humor and witty actors was definitely worth seeing.

You do not have to be Russian or know anything about that country to understand the satire in the play. Believe me, you would have cried with laughter!

Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil
Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil

When you converge on the Hagenwil castle in Thurgau next summer, make sure to take some warm clothes with you. It will be cold inside, even on a warm summer day. Because after all, you are going to sit in the middle of the castle surrounded by thick walls.

The 13th century Hagenwil Castle

I made sure to arrive to the play early in order to have some one-on-one time with the evening’s host, Mr. Andreas Augehrn. Among lots of interesting facts about the castle, I found out that tours can be scheduled every day of the year.

In roughly 45 minutes and at a fixed price of 30 francs, you will see all of the castle – including spots that are not open to the general public. Even if there are just two of you, it will cost you an exactly same price.

The Hagenwil castle is a part of Swiss heritage and is very popular in Eastern Switzerland. It is one of few water castles in the country. By definition, they are buildings whose site is entirely surrounded by water. Hagenwil has many different chambers that will bring you to the historical times of Swiss knights and merchants.

The perfect visit to Hagenwil Castle

Start out with the castle tour, followed by a traditional Swiss dinner at the restaurant on site. After a few drinks at the bar, visit the theater play. Finally, sleep like a merchant back in the day at one of the castle’s rooms.

And even if the month of August and the theater season is over, do not worry: This castle has plenty of other interesting events throughout the year.

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Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil(All photographs copyright Damian Imhof/Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil)

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