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How to have fun on Mt. Stanserhorn in Central Switzerland

How to have fun on Stanserhorn

For us, a summer weekend presents a new opportunity to climb a Swiss mountain.

This time, we feel like exploring Central Switzerland so we get up very early (unusual for a weekend!) and head to the cute town of Stans. Despite the uncooperative weather situation, we are about to embark on a fun climb to the top of Mt. Stanserhorn.

The first leg is in an open-air funicular, which takes us to the middle station.

How to have fun on Stanserhorn

The panoramic views of Lake Lucerne and the surrounding mountains is truly breathtaking:

How to have fun on Stanserhorn

Once at the top of Mt. Stanserhorn, we simply cannot resist but stick our heads through this photo wall on the lookout platform. Is it just us or are you also into photo walls?


Hiking to the top of Mt. Stanserhorn

On a nice day, one would have a tough choice with all the hiking paths going in all different directions (but all ending up at the bottom). However, since the sky looks like a torrential down pour is about to commence, we decide on the shorter walk to the top of Stanserhorn.

How to have fun on Stanserhorn
How to have fun on Stanserhorn
How to have fun on Stanserhorn

You are not going to believe this, but there is yet another opportunity for a silly picture at the marmot park! There, we even spot a couple of marmots, but they are quick to disappear into their underground caves…

Here we go again!

How to have fun on Stanserhorn

In 2012, a very cool areal cable car has been launched – a good reason to return to Mt. Stanserhorn on a more pleasant day. This will be the perfect day trip for anyone who has seen Lucerne and been on top of Mt. Pilatus, because you will get a different view of the majestic mountain panorama of Central Switzerland.

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