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Here are the six most Instagramable places in Nyon

Instagramable Places in Nyon - Castle

You have probably heard of Lausanne and Geneva. But are you familiar with Nyon?

Nyon is a small town located between the two larger hubs along Lake Geneva. Being a Roman town with a 12th century castle, there is so much to see and enjoy in Nyon. Needless to say, it is full of history and beautiful views.

I hope you decide to head to Nyon soon. Bring your camera along and make sure to capture these six unmissable Instagram spots below.

1. Start at the Nyon Castle

The most recognizable sight of Nyon is the Castle that dates back to 12th century. There's a history museum that you can visit inside and from the front area you get a great view on the old town with a background view of Lake Geneva and the Alps. A perfect place to hang out and watch the sunset!

Instagramable Nyon - Castle

2. Don't miss the Roman columns and the gardens

Did you know that Nyon was founded by the Romans in 50 BC by Julius Caesar who named it Colonia lulia Equestris? That’s 2070 years ago! No wonder Nyon has so much history. Get the best shot of the Roman columns from the amazing flourishing gardens.

Instagramable Nyon - Roman Columns

3. Take a lakeside walk

Nyon has a beautiful lakeside walk with interestingly shaped chestnut trees, flowers and benches where you can relax and take in the beautiful views.

On the last Sunday of every month, there is a big flea market which takes place along the promenade. If you are there at the right time, you might be lucky to catch sight of the boat on the lake, which makes for a perfect Instagram shot.

Instagramable Nyon - Lakeside

4. Stop to enjoy the views of Nyon

At the end of the lakeside walk, you come across an amazing view on the whole town, dominated by the castle. Get the perfect photo here with the lovely reflections in the lake!

Instagramable Nyon - Lakeside

5. Those old town streets

Get a splash of color in your photo by walking through the old town where you will find quaint streets bordered by colorful houses.

Instagramable Nyon - Old Town
Instagramable Nyon - Old Town

6. The Roman statue and wall

Next to the entrance of the Roman museum, you can find a replica of the original statue of Julius Caesar the same one that can be found in Rome, with an intriguing wall covered in geometrical lines which actually represent the old Roman basilica that used to stand in that exact location.

Instagramable Nyon - Roman Statue

I hope to have inspired you to visit Nyon. Enjoy your stay!

Instagramable Places in Nyon - Castle

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Louisa Schaad

At her young age, Louisa has already traveled to two dozen countries. This Vaud based globetrotter loves to inspire others through her photography on Instagram.

Louisa Schaad

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