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The six most Instagramable places in Lausanne

Most Instagramable Places in Lausanne, Switzerland

Located on the sunny coast of Lake Geneva, Lausanne is one of the most famous cities in the canton of Vaud. With its amazing architecture, imposing cathedral, various parks and outstanding views of the lake and the Alps, this city will surely take your breath away.

Got your attention? Now, whether you visit as a first-time tourist or as an amateur photographer, here are six spots in Lausanne to catch the best views and take the most stunning photographs.

Those Ouchy lake views

What makes Ouchy by the lake unique are the superb views. You could sit there for ages just admiring Lake Geneva and the Alps.

Picture a lakeside boulevard where locals meet one another and a harbor that brings up Wanderlust. It is the ideal place to bring a camera and capture all this beauty. My advice: go down to Ouchy around sunset to get the most stunning scenes you will ever see…

Lausanne Ouchy

Le Pavillon thaïlandais – The Thai Palace of Lausanne

Have you ever imagined finding an authentic Thai temple next to the Swiss Alps? Built in 2007, it was a gift celebrating 75 years of diplomatic relations between Thailand and Switzerland. Plated with 100’000 gold leaves, it reflects the sun perfectly giving it that golden glow.

No need for an interesting surrounding, this temple is incredible by itself!

Lausanne Pavillon Thaïlandais

Esplanade de Montbenon

If you are looking for a place to hang out as well as soak in some nice views, Montbenon in Lausanne is the place to go. Enjoy the Palais de Justice as well as the relaxed atmosphere and the diverse vegetation. The backdrop? Lake Geneva and the Alps.

Lausanne Montbenon

Les escaliers du marché

These stairs are perfect for that wonderful Instagram picture you were looking for. Surrounded by picturesque colorful house facades and flowers, this scenery will surely not disappoint. You will have to walk up 177 wooden stairs to reach the top. But once you are there, you are rewarded by the beauty of the Cathedral that stands right in front of you.

Lausanne Escaliers Stairs

The inside of the Cathedral of Lausanne

As you step inside the imposing Cathedral of Lausanne, you will surely be amazed. Its symmetrical ceiling and Gothic decorations make you feel like you have travelled back to the 13th century…

Inside Lausanne Cathedral

On top of the Cathedral tower

After visiting the ground floor of the Cathedral, why not head up to the top to get one of the (probably) best views of Lausanne? At five francs per adult, the entrance fee to the tower is great bang for the buck.

The first floor is home to the famous guet. Did you know that from 10 PM to 2 AM, 365 days per year, he shouts out the time every hour? It might seem quite pointless, but it is just a way to keeping the tradition that has stayed since the 15th century. On the second and third floors, some splendid views await… For those who are not afraid of heights, this is the perfect place to take some photos from a bird’s-eye perspective!

Lausanne Cathedral
Lausanne Cathedral

So, what you waiting for? Grab your camera and hop on the next train to Lausanne! #mylausanne

Lausanne Pavillon Thaïlandais

Louisa Schaad

At her young age, Louisa has already traveled to two dozen countries. This Vaud based globetrotter loves to inspire others through her photography on Instagram.

Louisa Schaad

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