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A Swiss Banker at Man’s World Festival in Zürich

Man's World Zurich 2016

Whether you are banker or a hipster, you should not miss the event of the week: Man's World Festival at Maag Music & Arts in Zürich. An exclusive event to discover the pleasures that every gentleman needs to try once in his life - whether it is a luxury boat or a shave!

The Man's World Festival in Zürich

Man's World Zurich 2016

It took us two decades, but the ideal of masculinity has progressed and guys finally have an event to enjoy personal grooming and fashion. Men who care about their personal appearance and spend money on it are becoming desirable, whatever style they may chose.

Through February 6, 2016, there is an exclusive event for "Newly Swissed" gentlemen in Zürich. It is an experience world at the MAAG event halls in Zürich's West end. More than 70 vendors make the hearts of men beat faster on about 2000 sq m.

This is the Man's World Festival dedicated to us (and to what we like)!

Man's World Zurich 2016Whether this may be a tattoo or luxury car or watch.

As a banker and a hipster, I did not want to miss the occasion to look around the booths. Obviously, there were a bunch of local celebs among the crowd on opening night (but as a Newly Swissed, I obviously did not recognize them). Instead of celebrity spotting, I focused on the latest trends and continued my research on the art of manliness.

What makes the hearts of men beat faster

Among the 70 vendors exclusively from Switzerland, I discovered some cool new fashion artisans and confirmed my "hips" of the moment:

Taucherli: A delicious Swiss chocolate and noble Swiss hot chocolate in seven different flavors, handmade from the finest ingredients.

Fasan: As a banker, I am always looking for best quality suits. Who said good tailors are always Italian?

AP&CO: My favorite store in Zurich, out of the mainstream Bahnhofstrasse this concept store has a great assortiment of many cool and trendy brands such as Cuisse de Grenouille (sorry in this case a French Brand): a must have of this year this the sweater "Surf in Zurich".

Who knew there is a gin made in Zürich? Dear Brits, pass auf: Turicum Gin is the new challenge!

TAG Heuer is a brand that needs no presentation. Still one my favourite Swiss watchmaching combining design, elegance and precision. Fell in love with a new model "Link" perfect for a bipolar hipster banker like me.

Man's World Zurich 2016

Man up, and have fun at Man's World in Zürich!

Man's World Zurich 2016


James Cole is a traveling banker, business man and hipster at heart. He never gets tired of traveling and meeting new people. When this Asian food addict is not roller skating, you might find him doing yoga.

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