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Meet Switzerland’s Original Grill Sheriff

Recently, my BBQing skills advanced from a "I usually get it right but don't know why" to a "I know what I'm doing because I'm a deputy Grill Sheriff" status!

That's quite a mouthful, but so were the delicious meats we got to prepare when my department visited Switzerland's original Grill Sheriff near the town of Grüningen.

Grill Sheriff Grüningen

Grill Sheriff Marcel and his wife Daniela run a specialty shop featuring barbeque grills of all shapes and sizes, as well as any outdoor chef accessories you can think of... Their concept is well thought through, as Marcel and Daniela truly know what it takes to accomplish your unique BBQ vision!

Grill Sheriff Grüningen

However, my colleagues and I were not here to buy a new BBQ (yet), but rather to learn what it takes to grill a perfect piece of meat!

During this workshop, we were in charge of preparing our own dinner, including marinated veggies, beer can chicken, salmon, a pork roast, and rump steaks.

Grill Sheriff Grüningen

The neat thing about this event was that the Grill Sheriff introduced us to different types of BBQ'ing techniques, demonstrated the use of wood and coal burning grills, provided tips on timing and shared his tried and true methods for getting that meat just right!

Grill Sheriff Grüningen

I can only recommend Switzerland's original Grill Sheriff! Why not book his workshop for a company outing or even a bachelor party? Otherwise, they have regular Saturday "Grill Talks" covering all kinds of different BBQ techniques - samples guaranteed!

Grill Sheriff Grüningen


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