19 More Signs That You’re Becoming Swiss

Your friends have just announced a spontaneous visit. Your first thought? "Gotta clean that apartment before they get here!"

This is a typical sign of becoming Swiss, and I can assure you that there is nothing to worry about. While your instinct may be to fight the urge, we recommend you give in and embrace the process of becoming Swiss!

You know you're becoming too Swiss if:


You check the webcams at breakfast to find a mountain with sunshine.


You sigh in silent irritation when the mailman is late.


You live alone in a studio yet you have a cleaning lady.


And you become concerned about the color of your neighbor's curtains.


You would never dry-hang your clothes on a Sunday.


You bundle old newspapers into perfectly uniform packages, tied with a special knot, for recycling.


You think that 3.2 percent unemployment is high.


You don't mind paying 16 francs for a paperback.


But you think that milk and butter prices should be regulated.


You decide to buy a service contract for your new toaster.


You save old bread to feed it to the ducks.


You always bring some Aromat when traveling abroad.

Grocery Shopping Migros Switzerland - Aromat


You eat one of these every day:


You eat hot cheese three times a week. Fondue or raclette - who cares?


You secure a spot in skiing school - for your newborn!


You plan your next vacation while on vacation.


You start to capitalize Nouns and join Longwords together.


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You have ever worn these:

Swiss Schwinger Pants


Or these:

Adidas Adilette Sandals(Thanks, @anexpatwife!)

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