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Nostalgic Swiss Homes – Art Project

Traveling Switzerland by Mayap92
As part of a college art project, illustration student Maya created a timeline showing the various houses in Switzerland she had lived in throughout her life.

The final presentation consisted of an accordion of the houses: She created the small windows so they could be opened to reveal fun facts about each house or Maya’s memories about the time she had spent there. She used tissue paper, newspaper and colored paper in a collage technique, as well as a fine black liner.

I fell in love with this nostalgic project, so I asked Maya to share her art along with her original comments:


Uznach Switzerland by Mayap92This is the house I was born in. Actually, I was born in flat 4 on the top floor, which is why I only used color and collage in this area.


Ricken Switzerland by Mayap92My sister was born in this house, but I have no real memory of living here besides the photos!


Winterthur Switzerland by Mayap92This is a house my family rented for 3 months before travelling around and camping for another two months.


Kaltbrunn Switzerland by Mayap92This is a collage illustration of my grandmother's house in Kaltbrunn which I used as a “thank you” card for her.

View more of Maya's art on Tumblr.

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