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Nothing Cheesy About It

Cheese Appreciation Guild of Helvetica
I caught my first ever glimpse of Switzerland six years ago, and since then, have had umpteen opportunities to visit this beautiful country. And like every foreigner trying to break into the hearts (and homes of course) of the reserved natives, I chose the clichéd, but so very apt path of understanding and appreciating their love of cheese.

It was in the mid of November when I first landed on the Land of Cheese and Chocolate. Soon, the line-ups of dinners began, and soon enough, the first cheese fondue dish landed on my table. It wasn’t love at first sight for someone used to an assortment of spices added in the daily grubs.

But, as the dinner progressed, the flavor of the mildly salty cheese seemed to favor my taste buds, and I found myself picking as much cheese my bread could hold. And just one fondue later, I became its biggest fan ever.

I have finally been indoctrinated into the coterie of what I would call the Cheese Appreciation Guild of Helvetica. Till date, I have never declined a dinner that includes cheese, or ignored the dairy section of the Coop or the Migros.

It is another story that my waistline only seems to expand in all its capacity each time! That will be dealt with later, but for now, cheese please!


An Indian citizen married to a Swiss, Indira is a published journalist based in Bern. She is very enthusiastic about Switzerland's culture and traditions.

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