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Uncovering the Secret to Swiss Complexions

Swiss ComplexionSwitzerland’s strong global image of clear alpine air and milky skinned maidens has lead the beauty conscious to trust the natural origins of many of the Swiss beauty care lines available worldwide.

However, if you are anything like me with a habit of reading the ingredients on the box, you will find that instead of Edelweiss and other Swiss alpine herbs, there is a lot of PEG-this and sulphate-that. In fact, I personally find many of the leading Swiss brands are over perfumed. And if we consider what is behind the innocent ingredient “fragrance" - potentially dozens of unhealthy synthetic scents - I think you will agree: “Ick”.

I get tired of slick marketing and greenwashing by brands who liberally use the word natural (with no certification), in combination with beautiful images of nature. I want to believe that these brands only want us to be clear skinned and healthy, but the truth is the beauty industry is not as beautiful as we'd like to think.

Getting to the Bottom of it

I recently discovered Swiss made skin care, Life Resonance, and I have to admit I was intrigued.

BDIH LogoFirstly, I always look for solid certification (seal) to back claims of natural or organic, and Life Resonance is a BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetic.

Secondly, I wanted to understand what they meant with bio-dynamic and energy-enhancing, so I contacted them and talked with one of the founders, Rahel Zeier, to get the full story.

Swiss Natural Skin Care

With professional backgrounds in naturopathic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the two Swiss women had a wish: They wanted to utilize the rich and abundant natural resources around them and create products that contributed to consistent energy care beyond the doors of their therapeutic practices - and into their clients home.

We do not normally think of skin care as offering support to our entire being - that is the job of therapists, energy workers and such. However, our skin is our largest organ and, of course, what we apply to it will effect us on a cellular level.

Organic Skin CareLife Resonance does this by imprinting energizing resonance patterns from light, color and sound spectra, gemstones, and precious metals in the natural ingredients of their products.

The range includes facial, body, and hair products for all skin needs. Admittedly, the packaging is perhaps not a sleek as some brands, but don’t let that fool you. The multi-use Energy Gel reorganizes energy flows and gives instant tone to tired skin with cool and refreshing action.

About Beauty

With trained Life Resonance therapists throughout Switzerland, I visited Christine Büchel in her Zürich based beauty practice to see the products in action. She has an impressive 34 years of experience in the beauty industry including Chief Esthetician, Skincare Developer and Brand Consultant in Tokyo, giving further credibility to the brand she chose to use when she returned to her roots in Switzerland.

about beauty - Christine BüchelHer single room beauty practice is bright and harmonious, and her knowledge and attention to detail speaks of her 25 years in Japan, from the refreshing hand towel and tea on arrival to the precise needs of your skin to bring balance and harmony to your entire being.

I had an energy facial with Christine that was like an energetic reboot and facial in one. I felt relaxed and clear headed, and my skin was radiant and glowing.

In the age of quick fixes and miracle creams, it is refreshing to find a beauty and energy care concept that addresses your entire being. When we are in balance, tensions leave the skin, the cells are vital, and you radiate.

More Information

- Life Resonance, Curtibergstrasse 109, 8646 Wagen
- about beauty - Praxis Wallner GmbH, Friedaustrasse 17, 8003 Zürich
- BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics

Danielle Parla

Danielle is a Basel based yoga teacher and published author. She is passionate about sharing ways to wellness through yoga, lifestyle writing, wellness coaching, and Reiki healing.

Danielle Parla

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