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The Park Weggis Hotel is Lake Lucerne’s real jewel

Park Weggis Hotel

Living in Switzerland is like being in a constant state of Nirvana. It is a country where every road, hill, mountain and Alpine pass seems to lead straight to paradise. It is a state of high that never seems to cease or decrease. And I often wonder if it can get any better than this...

Until, on a recent weekend, I reached another high when I got to stay at the Park Weggis on the shores of Lake Lucerne.

The Park Weggis breaks all stereotypes of being five-star. It is understated and far from pompous. Perhaps this is the reason why I circled around Lake Lucerne, looking for a towering structure screaming the name in some bright paint.

Then again, this is Switzerland where big is not necessarily beautiful. Or, to be honest, where anything loud is usually scoffed at. The warm and personable Park Weggis is part of many other beautiful buildings along the lake. And the moment I laid my eyes on it, I knew I was up for a memorable weekend.

Park Weggis Hotel

Modern meets old world charm.

On the hotel premises, I notice a Juniper tree with a stunning presence. I am later told that the tree is over 300 years old, which obviously demonstrates how well things are taken care of. After the necessary formalities are completed, I am being escorted to the Adara Suite, a relatively new building next to the Japanese Garden. From my balcony, I get to enjoy stunning views of the lake and the mountains.

Park Weggis Hotel - Adara Junior Suite(Photograph copyright Park Weggis)

I feel the urge to explore this hotel further. Peter Kämpfer, the General Manager of the hotel, patiently shows me around the hotel grounds. With more than 18 years of experience managing the Park Weggis, he knows every little detail about his house. From the various suites to the gardens and the exclusive access to the private beach, it is beyond belief what kind of thought and ideation went into making the hotel what it is today.

Park Weggis Hotel - Aquarius Hall(Photograph copyright Park Weggis)

Mr. Kämpfer tells me that the main building was renovated to retain its old world charm. The interior, meanwhile, was transformed to give the Park Weggis a modern, comfortable feel which today’s patrons enjoy. From the selection of the fabrics to the furniture and the wall decorations, I can get a clear sense of what it must feel like to stay at this hotel as a guest.

Park Weggis Hotel - Park Grill(Photograph copyright Park Weggis)

Dining like a queen at the Park Grill.

By the end of the day, it has become clear that excellence is a norm around here. How glad I am to have worked up an appetite, because the in-house Park Grill restaurant has a treat waiting for me: The most tender US Prime Black Angus meat, ever! It was selected by one of Switzerland's celebrated chefs, André Jaeger, who has been winning accolades year after year.

The wine pairing is spot on and I learn that the hotel’s wine cellar with its 2500 vintages is among the finest in Switzerland. With every new course, my taste buds experience new flavors. Yes, I could easily get used to such high quality cuisine…

Park Weggis Hotel - Vinohtek

I fell in love with a salmon eating feline...

The next morning, I wake up after a brief night. I did not sleep very well. But mind you, it was not the premium mattress, it was me. The anticipation of seeing the lake and mountains in the early morning was enough to keep me awake. And during the short time I did sleep, I had a dream of that magnificent balcony view…

The next day, my breakfast is waiting on the porch of La Brasserie where I dig into the various breads, cereals, cold cuts and local honey pot. From a corner of the balcony, I relish the sight of Lake Lucerne, making every bite even more delectable.

Park Weggis Hotel - La Brasserie(Photograph copyright Park Weggis)

It is here at La Brasserie where I meet a beautiful cat whose name I wish I knew. When I ask one of the managers about this feline friend, he informs me that it belongs to the neighbors. The cat supposedly hangs out at the hotel. And using all his charms, he convinces the admirers to feed him pieces of smoked salmon...

Park Weggis Hotel(Photograph copyright Park Weggis)

And let me tell you about the Wellness experience!

The spa at the Park Weggis is unlike others I have tried before: It features six Asian style cottages with individual saunas, steam baths and whirlpools. At 70 sq meters, each cottage is spacious. The exotic wood and natural stone makes me feel like I am somewhere other than Lake Lucerne! Private spa cottages can be reserved for a period of two hours, and the hotel has graciously invited me to try one for the purpose of this review.

Park Weggis Hotel - SPA Cottage(Photograph copyright Park Weggis)

The Park Weggis is located right on the shores of Lake Lucerne, Switzerland's fifth largest lake. There is a private entrance to a beach area with beach beds and courtesy canoes.

Park Weggis Hotel(Photograph copyright Park Weggis)

I end up lounging on this special beach for hours while reading a book. Although not appropriately geared to take the canoe into the crystal clear waters, I realize that dirty clothes can be washed, but experiences like these do not happen every day.

So, I hop into one of the canoes and paddle into the lake. It was a very calming feeling I had for a few moments until a ferry cruises by and creates a wave that destabilizes the canoe. Of course, I manage to bring it back in control and spend some time taking selfies before heading back to the shore. A true "Tom Hanks in Cast Away" type moment!

I ended my dream stay in heaven and set off into reality. With my little suitcase tucked in the back seat and memories loaded in my head, I set off to cross the Gotthard, Nufenen and the Airolo mountain passes on a beautiful sunny day before heading back home.

Park Weggis Hotel

Park Weggis
Hertensteinstrasse 34
6353 Weggis
Phone +41 41 392 05 05


An Indian citizen married to a Swiss, Indira is a published journalist based in Bern. She is very enthusiastic about Switzerland's culture and traditions.

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