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All-in-one Ski Helmets from cp

Swiss Ski Helmet - cp fashionatsports

My first ski helmet in the 1980s was a moped helmet minus the visor.

Already as a five-year-old, I would race down the slopes of Flumserberg like a pro. The T-bar operator even put a huge sticker on my helmet: "Pistenkönig" (King of the Slopes).

In the past 30 years, ski helmets have evolved from rather unsexy protective shells to objects of fashion desire. Only ten years ago, helmets were still considered nerdy, worn by kids and speed racers exclusively. But by now, the tables are turning and helmets have become a fashion statement.

The All-in-One helmet from cp fashionatsports is the season’s hottest item

„CUMA“ is the timeless name of a stylish helmet model of cp. Named after the initials of founder Claudius Pfister, cp is a Swiss brand that should be on your radar.

Why? Because cp helmets are the perfect union of high-tech materials and Italian fashion design. Trying to scout the latest trends, their designers are routinely skiing Swiss hotspots like St. Moritz or Zermatt. This allows them to spot trends before they hit the mainstream, which in turn results in masterpieces like the CUMA.

Winter sports athletes are on the cp staff as well. Their task is to continually improve the Swiss brand’s helmets. They even use space technology to make the helmets safer. (The shell of some cp helmets is made of carbon, one of the most exclusive materials in the world.)

This season’s hottest item is definitively the cp's „all-in-one“ helmet, combining the protective upper shell with an attached visor. The visor is interchangeable and offers a much better viewing angle than common ski goggles.

I find the symbiosis of aesthetics and function is so very Swiss! Depending on how you look at it, the cp helmets could be described as elegant or badass. (I go for the latter as the CUMA is the perfect helmet for me, a former "Pistenkönig").

Swarovski Ski Helmet by cp fashionatsports

If Paris Hilton owned a ski helmet...

... it would be a CP CAMURAI helmet adorned by Swarovski diamonds! We recently had the chance to inspect the most precious sports accessory apart from Roger Federer’s tennis bracket.

The white helmet pictured here features Swarovski eye components and is sure to leave a lasting impression with your seat neighbor on the ski lift. It is the ultimate all-in-one helmet for snowcats (and Paris Hiltons)...

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