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This Swiss guy installed a wood-burning stove in his Volvo

Swiss Volvo with a woodburning stove

We have reported on the ingenious rickshaw bike before, which was obviously unfit for Swiss streets. But I never thought that pimping a 1990 Volvo 240 station wagon with a wood burning stove would cut it... However, this modification was actually approved by the Swiss BMV!

Swiss Volvo with a woodburning stove

A resident of Mettmenstetten near Zürich, Pascal Prokop decided to do whatever it took to brace the bitter cold Swiss winter of 2012.

Since the heater in his dated Volvo was not working to his satisfaction, this Swiss MacGyver single-handedly installed a wood burning stove in the passenger seat - complete with a chimney sticking out from the roof!

Swiss Volvo with a woodburning stove

By the way, Prokop deliberately chose a wood burning stove over an electric heater, since he can keep the oven burning long after the engine has been turned off...

But he does mention in the video clip that he needs to lower the windows sometimes because of too much heat!

An ingenious mod or a silly stunt? Let us know what you think...

(via Oddity Central, photographs copyright by Arnd Wiegmann/Reuters)

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