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Why Fribourg is a hidden gem worth visiting (Sponsored)

Fribourg, Switzerland

Why wander far away when the best is so close?

Goethe knew for this piece of wisdom to be true. And because we believe Goethe was a smart man, we happily follow his advice in our own lives. Now and then, when the burdens of the daily routine get too much, the perfect thing to do is plan a city break. And why not choose the historic city of Fribourg for once? This town is still considered a hidden gem, and you can easily reach it from anywhere in Switzerland.

Going with the flow

Let Fribourg surprise you. Go on a relaxed stroll through the old town and take some unique pictures for Instagram. (A hint: the 15th century Gothic façades make for great photographs.)

Once you have arrived in Fribourg, pick any one of the small cafés. Grab a local newspaper and improve your French skills along the way. (If it helps, Fribourg is a bilingual town where you can get by with German, too.) While you are sitting there with a croissant and a café mélange in hand, do some people watching in the beautiful streets of Fribourg.

At Café Belvedère, you will get to enjoy a tea or coffee on one of the most beautiful terraces in the entire city. Some breathtaking views over the old medieval part of Fribourg are yours to soak in… This cozy and welcoming café was designed in the 1960’s and today is a meeting point for students, tourists and locals alike.

Fribourg, Switzerland

So much to explore

After a small break, cross one of the 14 bridges, visit one of the dozen historic fountains, head to the lush botanical garden or to the mighty St-Nicolas Cathedral. The observation tower of the cathedral is open to the public and offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes.

Fribourg Cathedral View

In case you were wondering why the 74-meter tall tower appears unfinished: legend says that the city ran out of funds to have it completed. The newest place of interest are the recently opened town fortifications: five gates, six towers, seven sections of walls, a large rampart.

More information about the Fribourg Heritage

A happy ending

Let us predict one thing: after spending a weekend in Fribourg, you will most likely have fallen in love with this town. (It’s happened to us!) The local Fribourgiens will melt your heart with their welcoming personality and warm joie de vivre. To end your city break in Fribourg, we can recommend Le Cintra for one of their trendy cocktails, a good glass of wine or a cold beer.

And in case you have worked up a hunger after all that city exploring, try one of the fresh dishes on offer, followed by a cheeseboard “La selection de fromages.”

Can it get any more authentic?

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Fribourg, Switzerland(This article is sponsored by Fribourg Tourism. All photographs are copyright Fribourg Tourism.)

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