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Zürich’s Ball Fountain – A Natural Phenomenon

Zurich Kugelbrunnen Ball Fountain
A remnant of the Phänomena science exhibit, the Kugelbrunnen (“ball fountain”) has been quietly rotating at Zürichhorn since 1984. In fact, I am almost convinced that many pedestrians do not even notice this phenomenon anymore.

The Kugelbrunnen has very much become part of the city scape, but I still like to give it a twirl every time I walk by...

Zurich Kugelbrunnen Ball Fountain

Zürich's Fountain Culture

Zurich Kugelbrunnen Ball FountainMany visitors and residents alike are unaware that Zürich has an astonishing 1200 fountains. What is more, all of the city’s waterholes are spewing perfectly clean drinking water, 24/7.

As you meander through Zürich, you are always bound to find a fountain wherever you go.

The Ball Fountain

The Phänomena exhibit covering natural phenomena was first carried out at Zürichhorn's lakeside park in 1984. At the time, the ball fountain was quite a crowd pleaser as this 1 ton granite sphere can be rotated in all directions with little force. This is due to the fact that a constant stream of spring water comes from underneath and "lifts" the rock due to the high water pressure.

Zurich Kugelbrunnen Ball Fountain at Phänomena in 1984(Picture copyright Jürgen Reichmann)

It is a little known fact that up until the summer of 2000, the ball fountain was powered with warm water from the nearby Tiefenbrunnen natural spring. Due to high maintenance costs, the fountain has since been switched back to regular spring water.

Are you curious enough to give the ball fountain a spin?

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Dimitri Burkhard

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