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We tried the Edmond Cuisine Italian food subscription

Edmond Cuisine

My name is Rex and in my mid-20s, the travel bug got me. But I faced two problems: Money and time.

Because of my yearning for cultural enrichment, I had this great idea that If I could not travel, I would meet the traveler instead. My couch in Hawai'i quickly became a haven of different countries, from Denmark to Sweden, from Germany the Netherlands and from places as far as Brazil. My guests cooked their traditional dishes and in return, they had a place to crash. It was a win-win situation for me.

Edmond Cuisine delivers true passion about Italian food

Edmond Cuisine is a new subscription service for authentic Italian food. Everyone can become a chef thanks to their monthly delivery that include recipes, fresh ingredients and even wine paired to the dish. They use storytelling to let us taste different regions of Italy without having to leave the comfort of our home.

When I make my return to Italy, my palate will be better prepared to order unfamiliar dishes. No longer will it just be pizza or pasta.

Here is my review of Edmond Cuisine:

Edmond Cuisine has beautifully portrayed some of their producers in these video stories.

More information and subscription options

(Review written by Rex Moribe, the Newly Swissed vlogger. For the purpose of this review, Edmond Kitchen has supplied two monthly deliveries. Header image copyright Edmond Cuisine.)

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