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A Mindblowing Timelapse Video of Zürich’s Night Life

Zurich Night Life
In the past few years, we have posted a number of time-lapse videos shot here in Switzerland. Naturally, most of them show amazing sunsets, night skies and mountains.

Zürich's up there with New York and L.A.

After traveling the world and seeing a number of urban time-lapse films shot in some of the world's major metropolitan centers like London, New York and L.A., Gianni Krattli thought that it would be nice to highlight Zürich's night life - which has a great deal to offer!

Zurich: City of Change

As he says on his site, Switzerland's largest city is constantly changing and growing. Even after 8 years in Zürich, he still finds new areas that inspire him and allow him to find a new appreciation for the Limmat city.

More than 200 Hours of Work

Shot from October to November 2012, this film really shows Zürich in a new light. I was particularly impressed by the wide array of filming locations Gianni chose. From the 33'150 pictures taken, only some 6000 made it into the finished video. The complete project took more than 200 hours to shoot, which includes 38 different locations as well as editing. Which locations are you familiar with?

Enjoy the video!

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