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Swiss gourmet fondue by Les Fondues Wyssmüller (Sponsored)

Les Fondues Wyssmueller

Is there anything cozier than enjoying a cheese fondue on a cold winter night?

We think not! Cheese fondue is somewhat of a Swiss national dish, but many newcomers might be overwhelmed at first: which cheese blend to pick? Which ingredients are required, and how to cook cheese fondue in the first place? Through trial and error, we have figured out how to fix a perfectly smooth cheese fondue by now.

And ever since we discovered the blends of Les Fondues Wyssmüller, our consumption of melted cheese has increased while the preparation time has decreased...

Some background on Les Fondues Wyssmüller

To understand Les Fondues Wyssmüller, you have to understand the passionate founder behind the brand. William Wyssmüller is a master cheesemaker with more than 25 years of experience. In 2015, he launched a gourmet fondue brand which would gain a recommendation by GaultMillau Suisse. Wyssmüller was curious how the renowned testers would judge his fondue, so he invited them to give it a try.

The result of this bold move? For the first time, the renowned GaultMillau Suisse guide decided to crown a Swiss gourmet product - Les Fondues Wyssmüller!

It took Wyssmüller's solid background as a milk buyer and master cheesemaker, as well as his brilliant marketing mind, to concoct this fondue brand. Quality ingredients are of utmost importance to Wyssmüller who likes to handpick the wheels of cheese that go into his fondue blends.

The fondue blends truly are a passion project. This becomes even more apparent when you dip the first piece of bread into a pot filled with Wyssmüller's gourmet fondue blend...

Les Fondues Wyssmueller

What sets Les Wyssmüller premium fondue blends apart from the rest?

Let me ask you this: have you ever been to the canton of Fribourg? If not, you should definitely put it on your Swiss list. During summer, you will encounter green and juicy rolling hills dotted with grazing cows. And on the horizon, the majestic pre-Alps with their snow-capped peaks are a sight to write home about.

In this very environment, Gruyére AOP and Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP cheeses are produced. These cheese varieties are key players in most Swiss fondue blends. (The latter is actually the only cheese exclusively produced in a single canton.)

Les Wyssmüller produces its fondue blends in the town of Bulle. For the moité-moité blend, the hand-selected Gruyère AOP and Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP cheeses are shredded and mixed in equal parts.

In the German-speaking parts of Switzerland, you will also find fondue blends using Appenzeller or Emmentaler along with Gruyère cheese. But we are definitely the moité-moité kind! Fun fact: the Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP cheese melts at only 50 degrees C, making it especially creamy and silky...

William Wyssmüller Portrait

"Cheese fondue is the art of refining regional products to create happiness."

William Wyssmüller


This Swiss cheesemaker is constantly in motion.

These fondue blends challenge conventional "fondue wisdom" by playing with our taste buds. All blends are available online; a smaller selection can be picked up at Migros, Manor, and Volg.

Look out for creations containing spices such as alpine herbs or pepper. Some others are infused with premium ingredients like truffle, or with fresh tastes like tomato.

With whatever they do, Les Fondues Wyssmüller tries to create unique flavor profiles. The fondue blends have since been recognized near and far. In fact, Les Fondues Wyssmüller have even crossed the Atlantic to collaborate with the The Lavaux Swiss Wine & Fondue Bar in New York City!

Another thing we appreciate about the Les Wyssmüller fondues are the fool-proof instructions: simply add the cheese to the fondue pot along with a pre-measured amount of dry white wine. Then, as the mass is heated and the cheese melts in the caquelon, it unfolds its fine flavors...

Now, head to the online shop of Les Fondues Wyssmüller and order your favorite fondue blend.

Les Fondues Wyssmueller(For the purpose of this review, Les Fondues Wyssmüller has sponsored four portions of Fondue Création plus a bottle of white wine.)

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