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Möbel Factory in Zürich for unique furniture and design

Möbel Factory Zürich - Showroom

To make our new home in Switzerland truly a “home”, we invested a lot of time into finding just the right decor and furniture.

Fresh off the boat, so to say, we hit up all the usual suspects: Some furniture stores offered exactly our style, but everything had to be painfully assembled from scratch. Others would deliver to our apartment, but the style was from the 1990’s. And yet other furniture shops were simply in a different sphere in terms of pricing. In the end, we pieced together our interior design one by one from secondhand shops (“Brockenhaus”) and from the Swedish mass merchant that also sells meatballs.

It was a good start, but even years later, we are still on the lookout for just the right lamp above the dining table or for a comfy chaise with retro flair.

One day during lunch, I strolled around Kreis 4 in Zürich and I came across the Möbel Factory. The large shop windows invited me in, and I was surprised to find such a large, bright and stylish showroom in such a central location. (In case you did not know, “Möbel” is German for furniture.)

Möbel Factory Zürich - Showroom

Ivo Lautner is one of the co-founders. He explains the shop’s ideology as follows: “We offer high quality, unique and timeless furniture pieces at prices that you and I can afford.” The variety of items on display range from timeless sofas to beds or sideboards, and from design accessories to antique Asian chests. Also, there are more types of chairs than I can wrap my head around.

Take this living room: I basically wanted to “copy/paste” it to my new home!

Möbel Factory Zürich - Showroom

The Möbel Factory showroom in Zürich has various inspiration zones, including living rooms, dining rooms and sleeping areas. Here’s a bedroom setup I particularly liked:

Möbel Factory Zürich - Showroom
Möbel Factory Zürich - Showroom

And this area upstairs had lots of design artifacts, from lamps to wall art and eclectic sideboards:

Möbel Factory Zürich - Showroom
Möbel Factory Zürich - Showroom

It turns out that Lautner has a background in carpentry, so he appreciates the natural structure of his wooden dining tables. “It used to be that any unevenness in the wood was a sign of imperfection and had to be improved. Today, the visible and tactile history of the wood is a USP.”

Among the more timeless pieces, there are unique items such as these shelves that remind of fishing boats:

Möbel Factory Zürich - Showroom

While much of the shop’s collection is also available in the online shop, it pays to visit one of the two showrooms for the full picture. I have not yet been to the location in Wädenswil, but if it is anything like the showroom near Stauffacher, it will be inviting you to explore.

In fact, there has never been a better time to visit the Möbel Factory. Because these days, they have a sale going on with pretty amazing discounts on their furniture and accessories. Simply look for the yellow tags to find those bargains…

If you have just moved into a brand new place and need more comprehensive advice on interior design, the co-founders Jutta and Ivo will be happy to visit you for an assessment. As for us, we have set our eyes on a beautiful, sleek wooden lamp that will finally fill that space above our dining table…

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Address: Stauffacherquai 58, 8004 Zürich (map)
Phone: +41 44 212 90 09
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Möbel Factory Zürich - Showroom(Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review.)

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