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Nespresso VERTUO coffee maker for big mugs (Sponsored)

Nespresso VERTUO Machine Review

Running an online magazine entails more than visiting glitzy hotels, attending press conferences and telling Instagram Stories.

Just like in a gourmet restaurant, a lot of work goes on in the background in order to prepare that perfect dish: editing photographs, optimizing articles for search engines, answering reader questions or publishing content on social media.

When I launched Newly Swissed years ago, I would have never imagined the amount of passion I would have to produce content. What I did know all along is that I am a night owl. My creativity flows during those late hours when most lights in the neighborhood are off.

What does this have to do with Nespresso VERTUO, you ask?

A mug of coffee is the common thread through years of typing away at late hours. As a coffee lover who starts his day with an espresso, then cappuccino and finally another espresso, a mug of Americano is the proverbial cherry on top at the end of the day.

My normal thing would be to brew a capsule of decaf into a small mug, pour it into a bigger mug and repeat. (That’s because my regular Nespresso machine cannot fit a bigger mug.)

Naturally, I was excited to find out about the new Nespresso VERTUO system. After a decade of development, the inventors of Nescafé have figured out how to bring long coffees dispensed from recyclable capsules to my household.

Nespresso VERTUO Coffee Machine

While regular Nespresso machines use pressure in order to extract the essence of coffee from capsules, the innovative VERTUO line uses centrifusion. The larger capsules are barcoded, telling the machine exactly which flavor it is and how to brew it.

The VERTUO system is actually much more like drip coffee than it is like espresso. The capsule will quite literally spin at 7000 rotations per minute, with water slowly making its way through the ground coffee beans. This allows for a perfect absorption of the bean’s flavor.

The result: a perfect dosage of Joe, inside my favorite night owl cup – with foam on top!

Nespresso VERTUO really is a new dimension of coffee. Not only are the portions perfect for big cups, I was also surprised to find a thick layer of “crema” foam topping off my Joe.

I am happy to say that the VERTUO machine we were given in exchange for this review is now going to replace our “regular” Nespresso machine.

Nespresso VERTUO Coffee Machine

Because, what’s not to like? It brews the entire bandwidth a coffeeholic like me requires: espresso, cappuccino and lungo. The coffee bean variety is extensive. And the machine looks stylish in our kitchen.

More information about Nespresso VERTUO

(Disclaimer: We were provided a Nespresso VERTUO coffee maker along with refill capsules in exchange for this review.)

Dimitri Burkhard

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