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Schweizer Wunder – Excursions to Curious Places (Book)

Schweizer Wunder - Thomas Widmer

An underground lake, a cannonball from 1799, and Switzerland’s largest station clock. These are just some of the more than 180 treasures that Switzerland’s most famous hiker has now published.

Thomas Widmer likes to be surprised and strives to keep a “child-like” enthusiasm for new things. While hiking across Switzerland as a journalist, he is always on the lookout for new stories or curious places. Many of his recommendations were just waiting to be shared, but it took a relentless discoverer like Thomas Widmer to look closely.

His collection of findings from all parts of Switzerland is meant to serve as an inspiration. You will not find the Matterhorn or the Rhine Falls. Instead, they are wondrous places in nature you never knew existed. Historical buildings with intriguing backstories. Or an elephant statue in a forest in Zürich.

Schweizer Wunder by Thomas Widmer

For Schweizer Wunder – Ausflüge zu kuriosen und staunenswerten Dingen, Widmer has done his homework. Each of the 184 recommendations is made up of a short but enticing description, as well as GPS coordinates. Several aerial shots from the library of Swisstopo provide this little book with some color.

About the triangular church of Greifensee

One of Widmer’s recommendations is close to our heart: The church in Greifensee. It is dating back to Medieval times when the town was much smaller than it is today. When you visit the old town of Greifensee, you will notice how the buildings were arranged to encapsulate and protect the inner core. The church is located in one of the corners, giving it the iconic triangular shape.

Triangular Church in Greifensee, Switzerland

The fact that the author has chosen this special church for his collection tells a lot about him: It is a historical treasure like dozens of others that Widmer has been documenting in his hiking blog and the newspaper column “Zu Fuss”.

We endorse this rich collection of curious things in Switzerland, and we cannot wait to visit them all. The excursions are for everyone and require no special hiking skills.

Schweizer Wunder

The definitive collection of curious places in Switzerland.

  • 184 spots with exact GPS coordinates
  • Authored by Thomas Widmer, an authority on hiking in Switzerland
  • Hardback, German, 272 pages

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