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Why you need to try mountain carting in Elm

Mountain Carting in Elm, Switzerland

We thought we have seen it all when we returned to the gondola after a nice hike in the mountains above Elm last weekend. But we ain't seen nothin' yet...

Because as we enter the station, a dozen or so rugged tricycles catch our attention and we have an immediate vision: We must try the mountain carts!  A few minutes and some francs later, we are ready to work the hill...

Here's what a mountain cart looks like from up close:

Mountain Carting in Elm, Switzerland

Gravity kicks in right away and our carts pick up speed quickly! Leading down a narrowing and widening gravel path, we are glad that the track is closed off for hikers (and cows, for that matter). Incredibly, the entire downhill race lasts for about 20 minutes, so by the time we get to the bottom, we are hoarse from all the laughing and screaming!

Mountain Carting in Elm, Switzerland

We cannot wait to do mountain carting again! If you want to experience it as well, check the official mountain cart website for a list of locations.

Mountain Carting in Elm, Switzerland

Dimitri Burkhard

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  • I’m not saying you shouldn’t try this because it is really a beautiful ride. Just make sure to be careful because I wasn’t and I drove off the mountain and fell down in a tree and got pretty badly injured.

Dimitri Burkhard

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