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Prodibi Brings Hi-Def Pictures to the Web

Prodibi - Swiss Start-upHigh definition pictures and the web. An impossible love? You have probably experienced long loading times with high quality pictures displayed on a website. Or you were frustrated by the bad resolution of an uploaded image... Join the crowd!

Until now, it has been a real pain to get a full taste of high quality pictures on the web. Almost every smartphone has now an amazing camera with "X megapixels", allowing you to take high quality pictures. In fact, the quality is often suitable for printing pictures the size of a football field (without recognizing any pixelation).

High Definition Pictures Online

Prodibi, a Geneva-based startup incorporated in 2011, is addressing this gap. This Swiss startup has developed a special picture viewer (think of a video player like YouTube) to allow for fast displaying on the web, across devices (desktop, smartphones, tablets), and without compromising quality or speed.

Thanks to the proprietary technology running Prodibi, visitors can easily zoom in to experience a picture's amazing clarity. You can really see every detail of a picture when focusing on a specific area.

Prodibi - Swiss Start-upProdibi has been around for several months and is popular among photographers. They use this website to present their photographs as if someone was visiting a gallery. And for many, it is also a convenient cloud back-up solution.

Ultimately, anyone with high quality pictures can leverage the platform: Watchmakers, art galleries, jewelry makers. Anyone active in the luxury industry should definitely consider this tool...

Your Turn: Experience Prodibi!

Here is annother example of what a picture on Prodibi looks like: Simply click on the picture to experience this new way of high definition content on the web!

Prodibi - Swiss Start-upProdibi uses state-of-the art technologies like HTML5 to make HD pictures available everywhere. You have an iPhone? No worries, you can view them in the built-in web browser.

The Team

Who are the founders of Prodibi? A team of two brothers, Fred and Olivier Hamel, started on this startup journey back in 2011. Passionate about photography and software developing, Fred was frustrated about not being able to share his pictures easily on the web. So he started to work on a solution (I won’t say that it was in his garage, but almost – this also happens in Switzerland, not just in Silicon Valley!). Fred convinced his younger brother Olivier, a market analyst for one of the biggest market research companies, to join in. Prodibi was born.

The startup is still self-financed and relies on its own resources. While it already generates some revenue from premium features, Prodibi's main challenge is generating awareness. Convincing photographers to join is not the hard part, however, because there are no alternatives to presenting hi-def photographs on the web.

Getting the message out is hard for any bootstrapped startup (that is, without financing). So while Prodibi is still free, why not help them spread the word? Try it out yourself with your favorite pictures and let Prodibi do the rest!

(Photographs copyright by Alexandre Deschaumes [top], JimaGination Photography [middle, bottom])


Sébastien is a startup activist and the co-founder and CEO of Coteries. Read more about Sébastien on his startup blog, startupolic!

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