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Riesling Week is Coming to Switzerland

Riesling Week 2013

Satirist Viktor Giacobbo’s mockumentary Der Grosse Kanton is now playing across German speaking Switzerland. The film asks prominent politicians and public figures across Switzerland and Germany about their feelings and thoughts about Germany becoming a part of Switzerland.

This hypothetical question is thought provoking. But whether you are in favor of Germany's becoming a Swiss canton, or whether you are against it, you should know a little bit more about Germany before making your final decision. One way of doing that is by getting familiar with German wines.

Coincidentally, June 3 to 10, 2013, is Riesling Week in Switzerland.

Riesling in Switzerland

Riesling Week 2013Working with Deutsches Weininstitut, six wine importers and 13 restaurants (10 in Zurich) will be offering special deals on German Riesling.

Experience some of Zurich’s best cuisine, featuring local and seasonal ingredients paired with pure, liquid German sun.

Goes well with Summer and with Food

German Riesling makes an excellent pairing with food, and is ideally suited to sipping during warm summer evenings in the garden, on your balcony or by the lake.

Serve it with fresh garden salads or grilled chicken and excite your guests about these gems coming from Switzerland’s northern teutonic neighbor.

Having worked in the wine industry for many years, I am a self-admitted Riesling lover.

German wines exhibit a wonderful charm. Many have their origin in established wineries, which are often being led by young winemakers. There is a trend of implementing new harvesting techniques, and the overall aim is to make wines wonderfully approachable.

Go ahead and try it!

Try a glass or two (or three) and taste the diversity of this grape from lush and fruity to crisp and mineraly, and everything in between. A glass might just be what’s needed to discuss the film Der Grosse Kanton — In Vino Veritas.

Then, of course, there is also the old German saying: “Im Wein liegt die Wahrheit — und im Weinkeller liegen wir.”

Find out which restaurants and wine shops are partaking in this special event.

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