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How well do you know Switzerland? Take the 2nd annual Swiss quiz.

Swiss National Day Quiz - Geranium Amden

Every year, August 1 signifies the anniversary of the Federal Charter of 1291.

This is when the three cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden came together to form a union which went on to become what is known as Switzerland. It has been celebrated as a festive day since 1891, and from 1994 onwards, an official holiday was declared. In a country filled with so much diversity, August 1 is one occasion when everyone gets together to celebrate the history of its existence.

For the second straight year, Newly Swissed together with Qwizzeria is continuing the tradition of posting an Ultimate Swiss National Day Quiz. The response and feedback for the inaugural quiz was overwhelming, so we hope the second edition is equally fun!


Now, test your knowledge and find out how well you know Switzerland...


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