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There’s a secret hidden in the Toblerone logo

Toblerone with Matterhorn Image

Toblerone chocolate bars: anyone who has traveled abroad will recognize this ubiquitous treat that graces the shelves of duty-free shops the world over.

Even if one was not aware that Switzerland boasts some of the best chocolate on the planet, they would be able to make an educated guess as to the origins of the Toblerone bar without even reading the packaging, thanks to the Matterhorn logo.

If one cannot identify one of the most famous mountains in the world, then frankly, they shouldn't be allowed to enjoy the perfect harmony of creaminess and crunchiness this triangular bar delivers. Contrary to how this may sound, I do not work for Kraft Foods, I am merely a chocolate lover.

You would be forgiven, however, for not noticing the symbol of Bern, the triangular chocolate's Heimatort, hidden within the crevices of the Matterhorn. I am pretty sure only a fraction of Toblerone enthusiasts have noticed this hidden devotion to Switzerland's capital.

The secret that's hidden in the Toblerone chocolate bar

Take a moment to scrutinize the Toblerone logo and join the ranks of the select few who know this chocolate bar's secret.

Look closely at the middle of the mountain. If you don't see the hidden symbol, dust off your Swiss trivia skills and try to think what animal might be the symbol of Bern.


If that fails, say "Bern" out loud a few times and you should have a eureka moment - you have to pronounce it the German way, as in not the English way that rhymes with "burn".

For those of you who are remarkably good at overlooking the obvious (I include myself in this category more often than not, to be honest), take a look at the uplifting cheat video below.


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