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Cuteness alert: St. Bernard puppies born at Fondation Barry

St. Bernard Puppies at Fondation Barry, MartignyEvery year, more than a dozen cute St. Bernard puppies are born at Fondation Barry in Martigny.

In 2020, two moms gave birth to no less than 15 new puppies. Set up as a sanctuary for the iconic dog breed of the Swiss Alps, Fondation Barry is currently home to some 35 St. Bernard dogs.

St. Bernard Puppies at Fondation Barry, Martigny

The world's oldest St. Bernard breeding station

The latest members of the family were born just days apart on April 1 and April 4, 2020. They might not be aware of their fortune, but these pups were actually born into the oldest breeding station of its kind in the world. Ever since the 17th century, dogs have been bred in this very mountain hospice on the Great Saint-Bernard pass!

Fondation Barry is on a mission to keep this tradition alive for centuries to come. It is named after the legendary St. Bernard "Barry" who allegedly saved 40 lives as he rescued lost mountaineers.

St. Bernard Puppies at Fondation Barry, MartignyThe latest family members are growing quickly. According to Anja Eberer at the Fondation, they have already tripled their weight after just one month. This ultimate St. Bernard breeding guide explains everything there is to know about this superstar of a dog.

Watch these sweet pups play and explore at the Barryland museum in Martigny! Those who cannot stop by to meet them in person may keep up with the official Facebook page...

St. Bernard Puppies at Fondation Barry, MartignyWe once came up close and personal with a St. Bernard. When visiting Verbier, Choco from Sporting Photo stole our hearts when she straight ahead imitated us!

St. Bernard - Copyright by Sporting Photo Verbier(Photographs copyright by Anja Eberer at Fondation Barry, Choco photograph copyright by Sporting Photo Verbier)

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