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Top 6 Most Unique Roads in Switzerland

Unique Swiss Road - Gotthard-Pass

Narrow curves, steep alpine roads, and lakeshore drives: the most unique roads in Switzerland are a playground for car enthusiasts.

Switzerland is a very exciting place to explore on a trip, with all the sightseeing, museums and shopping it has to offer. But did you know that Switzerland has some very unique roads which can give you a great taste of this Alpine country? Thanks to the vertical nature of much of Switzerland, there are some truly beautiful roads to see.

Here are the top 6 unique roads in Switzerland:

Davos to Stelvio via Bormio (Italy)

Unique Swiss Road - Stelvio

You will spot this unique road through the peaks of the Eastern Alps, as it looks like a mind-boggling zigzag. The Stelvio Pass at 2500 m altitude can be reached from Santa Maria in Switzerland, a border town that features the smallest whiskey bar on earth.

It's not just me praising this road: Top Gear has declared this road one of the best driving roads in all of Europe! Watch as they attack the mountain pass in their sports cars...

But be warned: Driving on this road is truly a workout for both the vehicle and the driver, as it takes some real thought and skill to navigate those unexpected twists, turns, and bumps carefully. There are a total of 60 hairpin turns, as well as the possibility of snow during summer...

But the views are well worth the drive!

Grimsel Pass

Unique Swiss Road - Grimsel Pass

The Grimsel Pass is located in Switzerland’s upper Rhône valley and is used to help drivers make their way over the steep, winding mountainside. The view is like something out of a Blockbuster film, where you might see Tom Cruise driving along in a red Ferrari with the wind in his hair.

Expect a wild mountain region, surrounded by smooth granite rocks, blue reservoir lakes, and pretty plants.

St. Gotthard Pass

Unique Swiss Road - Gotthard-Pass

Can you imagine that not too long ago, the Swiss postal system sent horse-drawn carriages across this massive mountain pass? The main road connecting the northern and southern parts of Switzerland, the Tremola pass across Gotthard is full of lush greenery to feast your eyes upon as you go along your journey.

The blue sky decorated with the dark green tops of the mountains is definitely an opportunity for a Kodak moment!

Belchen Tunnel

Unique Swiss Road - Belchen Tunnel

This spooky tunnel is claimed to be haunted, as regular sightings of an old woman dressed all in white have been reported. Perhaps it is just a trick of the light, or perhaps there really is a scary old specter out there roaming the tunnel...

Why don't you hop on the A2 freeway and find out for yourself?

Furka Pass

Unique Swiss Road - Furka - James Bond in Goldfinger

Ever since 1964's Goldfinger, Hotel Galenstock on the Furka pass road has become a mecca for Bond enthusiasts. They regularly come from all over the world to revisit this famous scene.

Instead of maneuvering Astin Martins, tourists tend to hop on public transportation to cross the 2429 m high pass, however...

Unique Swiss Road - Furka Pass

Simplon Pass


Declared as "one of the most beautiful crossings in the Alps," this road dates back all the way to the Stone Age. It has a great history and was used by both smugglers and mercenaries to go about their daily business. To enjoy the beauty and culture this road has to offer, why not hike over it?

Unique Swiss Road - Simplon Pass Ganterbruecke

These roads are just a few of a long list of unique roads in Switzerland... So, are you ready to hit the road and see what all the fuss is about?

(Stelvio photograph copyright by, Grimsel/Gotthard pass photographs copyright by, Belchen Tunnel copyright by, Simplon pass copyright by Andy Hay/Flickr, Furka pass photograph copyright by Switzerland Tourism, Ganterbrücke photograph copyright by Ueli Raz)

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