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Swine Fiction: How a Campaign Came to Life

During a recent ski patrol on top of a glacier, an employee of Zermatt’s mountain railways had a surreal encounter with a boar. It remains a mystery how the animal was able to climb up to 3500 m above sea.

According to the game warden who was quoted by the tabloid Blick, it has never happened that a boar has ventured this high up. This expert assumes that the boar must be of Italian origin, especially since the Klein Matterhorn is bordering the neighboring state.

The irony of this story is that Suva had just launched a ski accident prevention campaign featuring boars last year! Signifying reckless skiers, the campaign was supposed to raise awareness for safety on the slopes.

It appears that fiction has become reality this time around! Let’s not hope that this turns into a trend with other campaigns...

(Inspired by, photo copyright Blick)

Dimitri Burkhard

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Dimitri Burkhard

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