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All the favorite Swiss foods from my 80’s childhood

Back in the 1980’s, there were no school provided lunches in Switzerland.

To the ringing of the church bells at noon, I would return home for lunch Monday through Friday. But before sitting down to eat, I would disappear in my room to play with my Legos first.

"Dimitri! De Zmittag isch parat!" is a call I remember all too well. "Dimitri, lunch is ready!" My mom, and really all the moms at the time, were superwomen. They stayed home to cook lunch for us and made sure we got back to school in time.

As I reflected on these childhood memories, I remembered all the Swiss foods I used to eat back then: at a friend's house, at my grandparents' on the weekend, or at my mom's kitchen table...

Here are a dozen Swiss foods I remember from my childhood in Switzerland:


Pastetli pastries filled with chicken and a side of carrots and peas

Swiss Foods - Pastetli Swiss Pastry Dish

Gehacktes und Hörnli mit Öpfelmues - Macaroni with ground beef and apple sauce

Gehacktes mit Hörnli - Swiss Macaroni Dish(Photograph copyright Honegger AG/Nicole de Pretto)

Omelettes with sugar - one of my favorites!


Fotzelschnitte - the same as French toast

Fotzelschnitte Arme Ritter

Chnöpfli, a type of spaetzle pasta

Spaetzle Chnoepfli Swiss Dish

Toast Hawaii

Toast Hawaii(Photograph copyright Rainer Zenz/Wikimedia Commons)

Nudelauflauf mit Schinken - Noodle pasta casserole with ham

Buchstabensuppe - Clear alphabet letter soup

Buchstabensuppe - Alphabet Pasta Soup(Photograph copyright Till Westermayer/Wikimedia Commons)

Chäswähe - Cheese pie

Käsewähe - Swiss Cheese Pie

Polenta pizza with tomatoes

Polenta Pizza - Mais Pizza - Swiss Dish

Fischstäbli - Fried fish fingers

Fischstäbchen Fish Sticks(Photograph copyright Superbass/Wikimedia Commons)

And who doesn't like Riz Casimir? It's curry rice with chicken, canned fruits and roasted bananas.

Dimitri Burkhard

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