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This Swiss town temporarily banned tourists from photographing

Bergün Switzerland

Beautiful flower fields, beautiful rustic houses, beautiful alleyways and beautiful cows: There is so much beauty in Bergün, it is quite unbearable.

I remember one time, when we were just passing through, we hit the brakes and put our car in reverse. How could we not stop and soak in the beauty this little farm town has to offer? We grabbed our cameras and veered of the main street into a cobblestone alley for a quick photo session.

Bergün Switzerland

On May 30, 2017, the mayor of Bergün took a drastic measure by enacting a temporary ban on photographing. The reasoning? All those photographs showing the beauty of Bergün might create depression in viewers. And the people of Bergün no longer wanted to live knowing that they are creating harm to others.

Swiss Town Bans Photographing

"Offenses carry a fine of 5 francs. The proceeds will help to protect the alpine region."

Swiss Town Bans Photographing

The photography ban of Bergün grabbed every Instagramer's attention. Then, on June 1, the mayor uploaded the following message to YouTube. What a relief!

Count on us going back to Bergün with lots of photography gear in the near future. But before we post any more photographs of Bergün, let us consider everyone who cannot see this beauty with their own eyes... Well played, Bergün!

Bergün Switzerland

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