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16 More Worries that Keep the Swiss Awake at Night

Last year, while the Swiss were carrying on with their daily lives, I was secretly observing them to see if there is anything at all that bothers them.

I managed to come up with a list of 15 worries that keep the Swiss awake at night. Seven months later, I have still been keeping an eye on them to see if I can add to my list – and I managed to!

So here, dear friends, are 16 more worries that keep the Swiss awake at night:


"They stereotype us with chocolate and cheese. And they don't recognize us for our other talents, such as... well... um... cheese and chocolate!"


"I don't like it when the train gets crowded and I have to sit next to someone. I need an entire compartment for myself."


"There are too many other shoppers dodging the store on Saturday morning at 8 AM."

Migros Store Greifensee

"All the parking at the mall is occupied. And my car won't fit in that one empty spot."


"My neighbor's car isn't parked in the set perimeter of the assigned space. It's clearly stated in rule number 975463."


"My new neighbor's dog is not so well behaved. He has already barked at me twice and should be trained."

Signage - No Dogs Allowed

"My neighbor's lawn has not been mowed to perfection."


"This traffic jam is going to delay my appointment by 4 minutes."


"This jogging trail gets crowded* fast, so I better go early to avoid all the joggers..."

*Crowded in the Swiss terminology is sighting one jogger every one minute. Crowded indeed!

"How come the rest of the world does not follow the sacred Swiss book of "10'000 rules to never break"?"


"Someone might steal one of my garden gnomes."

Garden Gnome Collection Switzerland

"Netflix is showing the latest season of Game of Thrones in many countries, but not in Switzerland*."

*Admittedly, it is also my worry.

"The next vacation is too far away."

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"Winters are too cold. And summers, too hot!"


"The weekend's rain will ruin the barbecue plans."

Kloentalersee Switzerland

"Some non-Swiss guests* may arrive late and delay the apéro."

*This one definitely goes for Indians...


An Indian citizen married to a Swiss, Indira is a published journalist based in Bern. She is very enthusiastic about Switzerland's culture and traditions.


  • hi – each monday you can see the brand new episode from season 6 of “got” on rts1 – the French-speaking television channel… Tonight episode 9 starting at 22.35 in french and english.
    and for the old seasons you can buy the blu-ray-versions :-)

  • “Some non-Swiss guests* may arrive late and delay the apéro” is basically the same thing as saying “Oh look they are on time just as if they were Swiss!” to a non-Swiss guest. It kinda felt like it was an effort at a compliment but for some reason didn’t feel like a real one. :D

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