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Switzerland and Hollywood – Take the ultimate quiz!

There is more to Switzerland's movie ties than Ursula Andress and those magnificent, breathtaking locations.

Our quiz will show you how deeply connected Switzerland is when it comes to Hollywood films and the glamorous world of stardom. It is time to test your celebrity knowledge and share the results on social media...

So, how well do you know Switzerland and Hollywood?

Now, did you know that Bollywood, the Indian film industry, has close ties to Switzerland as well?

The connection between Indian films and Switzerland started in 1964 with the epic movie Sangam (converge), the first ever color film of the late Indian filmmaker Raj Kapoor. In the movie, Switzerland and its pristine landscapes were shown to a wide audience in India. As a consequence, Switzerland gained popularity as a filming location for Bollywood movies.

Learn more about the 50 plus years of Hindu movies in Switzerland.


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