Newly Swissed is a flagship online magazine about Switzerland. From Swiss world records to quizzes or random facts about Switzerland, it’s all right here! Switzerland may be a tiny country that is situated within the heart of Western Europe and is placed in a number of the very best points of the range. in contrast to most of the Western European nations, the European nation isn’t a part of the EU Union, neither is it within the Schengen Zone. If you are interested in videos about Switzerland, please visit our archive with multimedia content we have published throughout the years.

Wolkenbruch Film Review

Our review of “Wolkenbruch”, the Swiss blockbuster of 2018

"Wolkenbruch's Wondrous Journey into the Arms of a Shiksa" is a romantic comedy about a young orthodox Jew in Zürich.
Blue My Mind Swiss Film

Our review of "Blue My Mind", the Swiss film about teenage angst

First screened at the Zurich Film Festival, "Blue My Mind" has received the Golden Eye Award and the Critics Choice Awards...
Migros Christmas Spot 2015

Top 7 Swiss Christmas Commercials in 2015

With Christmas just around the corner, here are seven television commercials that have hit screens across Switzerland this season...
Heimatland Movie

Heimatland/Wonderland (Movie Review)

With the arrival of autumn, a mysterious dark cloud is emerging from central Switzerland. In "Heimatland", the country is in a state of emergency...
Chrieg Film (2015)

Chrieg - War (Movie Review)

Matteo is an attractive but somewhat frail teenager. His parents send him to a remote alp, where a bitter surprise awaits him. The movie "Chrieg" is...
Heidi - New Swiss Film 2015

Will this be the Best "Heidi" Film yet? See for yourself.

The question everyone is asking: What's Heidi look like in the latest version of the Swiss classic, to hit theaters in December 2015? The new Heidi film...
Swiss Movies Worth Watching

7 Swiss Movies Worth Watching

Compared to other countries, Switzerland is not really known for its original or even commercial movies. But these seven Swiss movies worth watching...
Prem Pujari (1970)

50 years of Indian cinema in Switzerland

This year marks 50 years of the partnership between Indian cinema and Switzerland. Pristine backdrops have been used for dozens of Bollywood movies...
Freifall - Eine Liebesgeschichte

Free Falling - Freifall Eine Liebesgeschichte (Movie Review)

In order to understand the Swiss documentary Free Falling, you have to listen to the author and protagonist Mirjam Von Arx...