SWISS Experience - Swiss International Airlines

Swiss International Air Lines - Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Roger Federer does it. Madonna does it. And even Snoop Dogg does it! These are just a few celebs who take to the air on Swiss International Air Lines...
Behind the Scenes at Swiss - Station Manager

Behind the Scenes at Swiss International Air Lines

My earliest memories of the Zurich airport date back to the mid 1980′s. Needless to say, it was a big deal to be invited for an exclusive tour of the Swiss International Air Lines operations center at ZRH airport...
Vintage Swissair Posters

More vintage Swissair posters for aviation fans

Given the hassles of flying, it's hard to believe that it was once a great privilege. Up until 2002, Swissair was the former airline of Switzerland...
Runway 34 Restaurant Zurich

Taking off at the Runway 34 Restaurant in Zürich

The concepts of "airline" and "restaurant" have been combined many times all over the world. And fortunately for anyone in the Zürich area, Runway 34 is...

Top 10 Vintage Swissair Posters

After nearly a decade has passed since the grounding, the legacy of Swissair can still be felt today. And as my selection of top 10 vintage Swissair posters reveals, the Swissair marketing department must have been designer heaven…
Airline Brands Quiz - Airline Liveries

So You Think You Know Your Airline Brands?

Do you know which tail belongs to which airline? Swiss International Air Lines is a given, but see how many others you know...
Hopscotch Airline Swissair Plane

Here's a brief history of the Swissair logo for aviation fans

It is probably no coincidence that Swissair has decided to emerge from the grave right around Halloween this year. I was shocked to read that the brand name, not to be confused with Swiss Air Lines, is once again taking off. I was equally shocked...