These photographs show the best of Zürich's architecture

I like exploring Zürich due to its interesting mix of old and modern architecture. As a photographer, I keep an eye out for interesting color combinations...
Wooden Architecture in Viznau, Switzerland

This wooden house in Switzerland sits inside a concrete box

It's Swiss architecture at its best: The architects have quite literally placed a box made of larch wood inside a massive concrete block...
Hotel7132 Visualization by Slashcube

This Zürich based firm makes amazing 3D visualizations

Thomas Vournazos has a tendency to see things differently from the rest of us. Imagine stepping into the Slashcube Studio and finding yourself on Mars...
Zero Emission House - Exterior

This Swiss self-sufficient dwelling is the future of housing

Consider living in a energy sufficient house whose only power supply is the sun. This utopia will be completed early in spring 2016 in Switzerland...
Aubry Bar Zurich

Guide to Zürich’s West End - Ultimate Entertainment District

The formerly industrial district near the railway viaduct has turned into Zürich’s liveliest trend neighborhood. Zürich's West End is home to bars, clubs...
Schtroumpfs Smurfs Buildings in Geneva

There's a sort of Smurf enclave in Geneva, Switzerland

Apparently, those cute little blue cartoon characters do not just live in mushrooms. Geneva's Smurf Buildings are a world unto themselves...

Is Transit-Hotel the Future of Tourism in Switzerland?

In order to design a sustainable hotel project, the future of tourism cannot be ignored. Transit-Hotel is a master thesis in architecture which looks...
Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern, Switzerland

Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern features incredible architecture

Trust us, when you stand inside Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern, you may experience a case of vertigo. But let's start from the top: A visit to this intriguing...
Toni Areal Zürich - Schaudepot (Chairs)

Toni Areal in Zürich: A Maze and a Museum, but no Meatballs

It may be the ultimate stereotype of our little country: Switzerland has a new creative hub, and it used to be a dairy factory. The Toni Areal in Zürich...