Inside Google’s quirky headquarters in Zürich, Switzerland

Welcome to Google's expanded Zürich headquarters! Truly, I never imagined the original Zürich office could be topped in terms of coolness, but they...
CONCRETE - Fotomuseum Winterthur

CONCRETE: Photography and Architecture (Review)

Switzerland is in many ways a perfect playing ground for architecture photographers: Weaving mills with loft apartments sit next to hypermodern schoolhouses...
Swiss Safety Deposit Box for Luxury Cars

Swiss Safe Deposit Box for Luxury Cars

It is no secret that Switzerland is full of expensive cars, because many owners are not afraid to show them off any chance they get...
Traveling Switzerland by Mayap92

Nostalgic Swiss Homes - Art Project

As part of a college art project, illustration student Maya created a timeline showing the various houses in Switzerland she had lived in throughout her life...
Swiss Mountain Huts - Solvay Hut

6 Extreme Swiss Mountain Huts

Few mountaineers would likely attempt to conquer the extreme verticals of Switzerland – were it not for the various mountain huts...
Swiss Elementary School Architecture

This Swiss school received a new visual identity

At a Swiss elementary school, it was time for a facelift. The building walls had seen better days and the campus appeared less than inspirational. Thanks to the expertise of Paul Bürki...
Modern Swiss Parking Garage by Peter Kunz Architektur

This modern Swiss parking garage is a man's dream

What is so terribly exciting about these Swiss parking garages is their modern, boxy architecture. This project has secretly made me want to own a Porsche...

An Earth-Friendly Swiss Hobbit Home

Recently, I was driving through the countryside near Zürich…
Top 5 Swiss Designers

Top 5 Most Influential Swiss Designers

A lot of Swiss designers have had great careers and were internationally recognized, but only few had a real impact on other designers...