Bad Ragartz - Brainstorm

Bad RagARTz is Europe's biggest outdoor sculpture festival

Every three years, the renowned spa destination of Bad Ragaz puts on a new face. This is your chance to experience more than 400 pieces of original art...
Tamina Gorge near Bad Ragaz - Light RagazWalter Schärer

"Light Ragaz" is a light show in the legendary Tamina Gorge

The rock walls of the mighty Tamina Gorge in Bad Ragaz extend up to 200 meters in the air. Add to this "Light Ragaz", a light show to remember...
Hiking to Tamina Source in Bad Ragaz

Hiking to the Tamina Gorge in Bad Ragaz

The spa town of Bad Ragaz has a long and rich history. It is nestled at the foot of the Pizol on the sunny side of the Rhine valley. The Tamina Gorge is...