eSolidarity Campaign Switzerland

How Swiss start-ups help businesses during COVID-19

Around the world, people are hunkering down during the coronavirus crisis. The Swiss eSolidarity campaign is helping businesses.
FLYERBEE - Posters in Zurich

FLYERBEE to strengthen the democracy of poster advertising

Where do most people get their information about cultural events? Posters act as the banner ads of the physical world, and Zürich based FLYERBEE...
PaxVax Facility in Thoerishaus, Bern

Biotech in Switzerland - The Success Story of Paxvax

In 2013, the fate of some 80 employees at Crucell Switzerland AG in Thörishaus BE looked uncertain. Biotech in Switzerland is a success story...
Zurich Airport Visitor Deck

Switzerland’s Infrastructure Sets the Country Worlds Apart

"Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts as we prepare for landing in Zürich." The air travel infrastructure in Switzerland is extraordinary...
Switzerland Life Quality - Public Transportation

Setting Up a Business in Switzerland: The Benefits of a Stable Economy

Switzerland is a country that strives to maintain a high quality of life. Setting up a business in Switzerland...
Switzerland in the Digital World

Dinosaurs vs. Digital Natives - Switzerland in the Digital World

More than half of Swiss SMBs still operate offline. But how much does an online presence help in generating business? The digital world...
Today's Office Looks Like This

Today’s Office Looks Like This - Interview with a Digital Nomad

Meet Katrin Gygax, author of the book "Today’s Office Looks Like This"! A digital nomad at heart, Katrin has...