Scary cat ladders in Switzerland

14 unusual cat ladders we've spotted in Switzerland

Swiss cats have some guts! Most live outdoors - and when they want to come indoors, they have to negotiate a scary cat ladder...
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Switzerland - The Cat’s Meow?

I am a self-confessed cat lady. When I first came to Switzerland, I was shocked to learn that the Swiss have been known to...
Swiss Catbot

Swiss ROBOCAT Moves Like a Jaguar (Sponsored Video)

Just recently, researchers from the École Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne have developed a robot that moves like a jaguar - no pun intended!
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This Cat "Works" for the Swiss Military

A playground the size of three Walmart Supercenters, twenty buildings for hiding and the undivided attention of 400 recruits: What else can a common cat ask for?