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This cat “works” for the Swiss Military – Brigadier Broccoli 🐈🥦

Brigadier Broccoli, the famous Swiss Army cat
Copyright Urs Baumann/Berner Zeitung

Brigardier Broccoli has a playground the size of three Walmart Supercenters, twenty buildings for hiding, and the undivided attention of 400 recruits: what else can a common cat ask for?

As it turns out, one tabby cat has got it all: Broccoli has officially been added to the inventory of the Swiss Army, calling the 60'000 sq m campus at Lyss her home.

"Brigadier Broccoli" is one of only three officially registered cats by the neutral Swiss military. Meanwhile, the inventory contains 300 dogs and no less than 350 horses. Chapeau for this special feline.

Brigadier Broccoli, the famous Swiss Army cat
Copyright Urs Baumann/Berner Zeitung

Why is the Swiss Army cat called Broccoli?

The reason for this funny name is simple: mushy green broccoli was the first thing on Brigadier Broccoli's plate when she appeared in 2005.

Ever since the military recruits have been paying for her food and feline treats out of their own pockets. After a while, the cat was declared as an official Swiss Army inventory.

This distinction meant that the provisions for Brigadier Broccoli were paid from the military's food budget.

The Swiss Army car has her own service book and AHV number - the Swiss social security number: 1291.007.3250. The number "1291" stands for the Federal Charter of 1291. "007" is a hint at the fact that this cat is also a spy. And "3250" happens to be the postal code of Lyss where Brigadier Broccoli used to live.

Naturally, any media inquiries or questions about the Swiss Army cat are being answered by the VBS PR department.

Apart from the swag that comes with a military distinction, Broccoli's duties are simple: to spread her love among recruits and keep the morale high.

I met him during my service, but he has a limit on getting petted, a colleague got almost clawed by him. And our company commander even said: "Broccoli isn't the brightest. He is the only cat that gets surprised by rain."

(reddit user Panzerfan93)

When was the Swiss Army cat Broccoli born?

According to a Facebook post, Brigadier Broccoli was born on April 7, 2003.

Brigadier Broccoli, the famous Swiss Army cat
Copyright Urs Baumann/Berner Zeitung

What's happened to the Swiss cat Broccoli?

Brigadier Broccoli has her own Facebook page with several thousand followers. Here is one of the latest updates from November 2020:

Brigadier Broccoli Swiss Army Cat
Copyright Rita Friedrich/Facebook

Evidently, Broccoli is aging and needs ever more tender love and care. Follow her feline adventured through the lens of Rita Friedrich who regularly updates the Facebook page.

Send any cat treats to the following address:
Br Broccoli K.
Ih RS 50/Kp |||
3250 Lyss, Switzerland

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