Chocolate Workshop at Lindt in Zürich

The Lindt Chocolate Workshop in Zürich is 100% chocolate bliss

The Lindt Chocolate Workshop is open to the public, but spaces sell out quickly. Today, us chocoholics peeked inside this place...
Max Chocolatier Zürich

Chocolate to the Max at Max Chocolatier in Zürich

The way to my heart is paved with chocolate - the key to my heart is made out of chocolate. At the new Zürich boutique of Max Chocolatier...
Suchard Home Neuchâtel

On the Trails of Swiss Chocolatier Suchard in Neuchâtel

Where in Switzerland can you find minarets with brilliant gold domes and a connection to the early years of Swiss chocolate-making? Neuchâtel and Suchard...
Lindt Chocolate Workshop Switzerland

Swiss Chocolate Workshops at Lindt and Cailler

There is no better way to immerse yourself into one of Switzerland's stickier stereotypes than through a Swiss chocolate workshop...
ChocolateHeaven - Roger Federer

Roger Federer vs. Lindsey Vonn in #ChocolateHeaven (Sponsored Post)

Federer is one of the world's top athletes who is also top on social media. After his loss at Wimbledon, he's challenged Lindsey Vonn to #ChocolateHeaven...
Swiss Chocolate Adventure - Verkehrshaus Luzern

Chocoholics, ahoy! Swiss Chocolate Adventure in Luzern

Chocoholics, ahoy! The Swiss Museum of Transport in Luzern has opened Swiss Chocolate Adventure, a chocolate ride you are going to love...
Rhaetische Bahn Moonlight Trainride

5 Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day in Switzerland

"Surpise me!" she might say, striking fear into even the most adoring or brave of men's hearts. And even when a man loves a woman, he doesn't always know...
SBB CFF FFS Train WC Toilet Panorama

4 Reasons Why Switzerland is an Innovation Nation

A recent report from the European Union has confirmed what those who live in Chocolateland already know: Switzerland is the "most innovative" country in Europe...